‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Shouts Out Behind the Scenes Crew at Iowa Antique Shot With Tintype Photo

by Emily Morgan

Mike Wolfe is feeling sentimental about his “American Pickers” crew. Recently, the relic rescuer took to Twitter to give a special shoutout to the team that works tirelessly behind the scenes at the Antique Archaeology Shop in Iowa.

The antique collector tweeted: “This is a tintype of all the special people in Iowa that work very hard behind the scene at the @AntiqueArchIowa shop.”

A tintype is an old style of photograph that creates a photographic image on a thin sheet of metal or iron that has been coated with a dark lacquer or enamel.

He added: “I feel very blessed to have each one of them on the crew. Never could I have ever imagined us filming for 13 years.”

Speaking of “American Pickers,” the show recently returned for its latest installment earlier this month. Unfortunately, ratings for the show plummeted compared to past seasons, as viewers are pleading for the network to cancel the “boring” show to be canceled after Frank Fritz’s departure.

Wolfe, his brother Robbie and Danielle Colby returned to the History Channel show on July 9 after being on a break since March.

According to reports, the ratings for the July 9 episode had just 833,000 views. In comparison, Season 23 of “American Pickers” premiered on January 1, 2022, and garnered 1,050,000 viewers.

An episode on January 8 also had 1,011,000 people tune in to the show. However, by the end of the season, viewership began to decline, as only 830,000 viewers watched the March 12 episode.

The March 19 episode was the final show before the months-hiatus and had just 804,000 viewers. Now, the new shows are promising to reveal “rare,” “incredible” and “museum-quality” picks, according to the official trailer.

Fans aren’t happy with the new season of ‘American Pickers’

However, some fans aren’t buying it, with many taking to social media to air their grievances with the show.

After watching the new episode, one viewer complained via Twitter: “Very dry and boring without Frank – scripted, no freestylin’; a very different show. I understand that he isn’t coming back but you should have ended the original show and started a new one moving forward.”

A second lamented: “Haven’t watched since 2020 when Frankie got canned. Not going to waste my time on this stuff ever again… I wish they would take this new garbage off the History Channel. It’s a great station.” A third chimed in: “Not the same without Frank.”

The former cast member, Frank Frtiz, last appeared with the Pickers during a March 2020 episode. He later left to take time off to recover from back surgery. In July 2021, the network announced Fritz had been let go in July 2021 despite his desire to return.

As we later learned, the back surgery saw him get 185 stitches and two rods in his spine. However, during his time off the show, Fritz lost 65 pounds and is sober from alcohol.