‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Shows Off Retro 1959 Corvette

by Joe Rutland

For those who follow American Pickers star and host Mike Wolfe on social media, then you know he’s sharing different things. It might be something he recently “picked” from his journeys. Then, of course, Wolfe has a thing for old automobiles and even motorcycles. Seeing this post on a Thursday leans toward his love for old cars. In this photo, Wolfe offers up a glimpse at a retro 1959 Corvette. Man, that was one sweet ride back in the day. Even Mike mentions a little about it in the caption connected to this photo. Take a look for yourself.

Fans are digging this photo and loving it. Some of them might be just wishing that they could find a sweet ride like Mike did here. While show fans love their antiques and collectibles picked up by Mike, Robbie Wolfe, and Danielle Colby, their focus has been on other issues lately.

Mike Wolfe of ‘American Pickers’ Scores Trove of Vintage Baseball Cards

Mike Wolfe has been, to some, quite open and authentic about his friendship with Frank Fritz. That’s true especially recently when Mike told the world about Frank’s stroke. The longtime host asked for prayers for the show’s former co-host. Robbie and Danielle also have been speaking out in support of Frank’s care and health.

The show, though, has been through some rough times itself. Ratings have been so-so for a little bit and the fans are clamoring for Frank to come on back. At this time, it appears that will not happen. Mike has not spoken openly about some comments others have made about his relationship with Fritz. As far as we know, Fritz remains in rehabilitation for his stroke and we hope that he will get better very soon.

Let’s get back to the show, though. Recently, Mike discovered a trove of vintage baseball cards. In another reminder of the show still being on the History Channel, a tweet let people know about this “pick” taking place this coming Saturday. “Mike uncovers a mind-blowing collection of vintage baseball cards in Kansas during Saturday’s brand new episode of #AmericanPickers,” the caption read.

Meanwhile, we are speaking of cars a little bit here. In another recent post on Instagram, Mike Wolfe shared a sweet look at a restored vintage Chevy. When showing the look at this, Mike wrote this in the caption area: “Golden hour @ontwolanes 58 Impala #goldrecordroad Yo @clarkmiller35673 The radio works listening to WSM playing Louisiana Hayride”. Man, there is nothing like listening to the famed Louisiana Hayride on the radio. Mike is just out enjoying himself and this 1958 Chevy Impala. Be sure to catch episodes of American Pickers on the History Channel.