‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Speaks Out About ‘Pressure’ Amid Show’s Declining Ratings

by Joe Rutland

Mike Wolfe of American Pickers has been out looking for antiques over many seasons yet his show’s ratings are going down. A lot of the show’s longtime viewers just decided to turn off their TVs and not watch it. Why? They remain upset over Frank Fritz not being a part of the production. Wolfe is seeing the show’s ratings slide and he’s facing up to the pressure of it all.

First, he mentioned the pressure that he feels in an Instagram post back in May. Wolfe put up a snap that showed two of the show’s crew members in it. Second, the longtime host would write, “Finding the words after 13 years of doing this show becomes harder. A lot of it is the pressure I put on myself. And how much weight I put into telling people’s stories.” Third, the two people in the photo are the ones that film the on-camera interviews Wolfe does on the show.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Still Upset Over Frank Fritz’s Departure

American Pickers fans are some of the most loyal ones on TV. Yet they’re not sitting around without letting their feelings be known. Why does a show like this one slip in the ratings? It likely started with upset viewers. Some did get petitions going for Fritz to be reinstated. However, those have not worked yet as Mike Wolfe has his brother Robbie and Danielle Colby helping him “pick” these days.

Will things improve for American Pickers? The History Channel show just keeps on trucking. In addition, we’re sure that Wolfe hopes those sagging ratings will get better. As he keeps on sharing his adventures, there are new fans who come along and catch the show. By now, there might even be another generation of “pickers” who will want tips on how to do it. No one on TV has insights like Wolfe.

Mike Wolfe Shows Some Puppy Love Toward His Pooch on National Pet Day

For instance, did you know that one thing Mike definitely needed was another friend for the road? Yes, Robbie and Danielle do show up a lot but what about those other times? Wolfe went out and found himself a dog in need of an owner. Maybe it was vice versa. Well, there definitely is some puppy love shown by him on National Pet Day.

“Road dog best friend,” he writes in another Instagram post. “She came into my life two years ago and she’s been a gift from above. Happy National pet day Francie.” In conclusion, Francie Jo is a brown-and-white border collie who has helped make Mike’s life that much brighter.