‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Paid a Surprising Amount for Amusement Park Clowns

by Emily Morgan

Throughout Mike Wolfe’s time on “American Pickers,” he’s come across some unique finds. From an interesting leather license plate to a Yoda prototype, there’s always something to see on the show. However, we once saw a creepy item appear in Wolfe’s hands, and we’re still struggling to understand.

On “American Pickers,” we typically see the crew comes across cool finds that make sense. However, this time, Wolfe surprised us when he had to get his hands on an item that was somewhat off-brand for “American Pickers.”

As it turns out, when the longtime antique collector found a pair of amusement park clowns, fans had questions. But, despite the odd find, fans had faith in Wolfe. The picker has been doing this for a long time, even before “American Pickers” hit the air. Even as a child, Wolfe stayed busy looking for antiques and haggling with sellers. So how did it go down with the creepy clowns?

During an episode from Season 23 titled “Picking Frisco,” viewers watch as Mike Wolfe and his brother pick through a Warehouse in California.

While looking, they come across a pair of old clown figurines that initially came from an amusement park called Playland at the Beach. As it turns out, the clowns were used for a game where the objective was to toss a ball into the clown’s mouth in hopes of winning a prize.

What Mike Wolfe paid for the creepy clowns

At first glance, many people wouldn’t give the clowns a second look. They appeared to be old and dirty. However, Wolfe saw the value in them. For Wolfe, the clowns appeared as relics of a forgotten era in America where you would head over to the local amusement park to go on rides and play carnival games.

Although Mike Wolfe saw the innate value in the clowns, it would cost him. At first, the seller is firm about keeping both clowns, but Wolfe manages to talk him into selling him the pair for a whopping $2,000.

That might be a ton of cash for clowns. However, we trust Wolfe. He probably knows that some collect old circus and carnival memorabilia. But, he might have a tough time selling them to someone to anyone with coulrophobia, which is a fear of clowns.

Speaking of “American Pickers,” we’re still reeling from the fact that it’s missing a critical piece: former co-host, Frank Fritz. For the show’s first 21 seasons, Fritz and Wolfe entertained us with their unique dynamic. They made the show all the more popular and fun to watch.

When Fritz didn’t return for Season 22, fans were shocked. Fritz’s abrupt departure from the show became even more muddled when the former reality star revealed that he and Wolfe no longer speak to one another.