‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Tributes ‘Those Who Serve’ in Memorial Day Message

by Shelby Scott

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and we’re keeping all those who’ve served in mind. However, we’re not the only ones. Early Monday morning, “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe took to Instagram with a commemorative post, thanking American service members.

“My family like so many others lost someone serving our country,” Wolfe began the post. “My moms father never got to see his baby girl. I often think about how different her life would have been with him in it.”

He concluded, “God bless those who served today and every day.”

The beautiful tribute is accompanied by a wonderfully crisp photo of the American flag, proudly erect on the bumper of a classic old-fashioned car. Against the bright aqua of the car, the red, white, and blue look especially patriotic. Fans took to the comments with their own memorial posts.

“Yes, God bless all those who have served so that we may live in freedom,” one of Mike Wolfe’s followers wrote. Another “American Pickers” fan said, “Remembering all our military and all the armed forces.”

Mike Wolfe Shares Support for Small Business

In addition to showing support for our nation’s troops, “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe has also been known to show support for small businesses. Most recently, the show host took to Instagram to celebrate one small business that he’s been visiting for years. Check out the sweet post below.

Standing beside Maggie Valley, North Carolina Pops Place owner, Mike Wolfe wrote, “Been eating breakfast here for years. Pop has the biggest heart in the Valley and the BEST pancakes.”

“LOVE you buddy,” he continued.

As Outsiders, we love to see our favorite stars supporting small businesses, and with Mike Wolfe familiar with the personal growth it takes to run a business, we can be sure Pops Place is definitely a winner.

‘American Pickers’ Former Cohosts Reportedly Haven’t Spoken

In following Mike Wolfe on Instagram, we’re certain the “American Pickers” star has a lot of love in his heart. However, more than a year after the departure of the show’s former cohost Frank Fritz, it seems Mike Wolfe and his old partner haven’t reached out to each other. And it doesn’t seem as if they will any time soon.

According to The Sun, Mike Wolfe hasn’t reached out to Frank Fritz since the latter was fired from “American Pickers.”

“Mike hasn’t reached out to Frank, he could care less,” one source said. “They both came from nothing. Money just changed Mike. It changed Frank too.”

Previously, Frank Fritz said he hadn’t spoken to Mike Wolfe in more than two years.

“That’s just how it is,” Fritz said at the time.