‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Brother Robbie Announces New Project

by Samantha Whidden

Robbie Wolfe, the brother of American Pickers star Mike Wolfe, announced on Friday (August 26th) through his Instagram account his latest project. 

In his latest social media post, which features a video of him walking through his project, the Davenport railroad bridge, the American Pickers star’s brother declared, “Very excited about this project. Celebrating the history of downtown Davenport. More details coming soon, stay tuned!”

Wolfe’s latest project comes just days after American Pickers saw some major changes as former star Frank Fritz continued his stroke recovery. Fritz was notably fired from the series last year and replaced by Mike Wolfe’s brother, Robbie. This caused the series’ ratings to take a dive. 

Since Fritz’s stroke last month, American Pickers somewhat bounced back in terms of ratings. The show’s August 20th episode saw more than one million viewers for the first time in months. 

However, despite the recent surge in ratings, American Pickers is still getting criticism over letting Fritz go. One social media user declared in a post made by Mike Wolfe that no one cares about the show anymore. “The show is a flop without Frank,” the user declared. Another critic further wrote, “The show is a joke. I’ve been buying and selling for 47 years now and pretty much everything they do is bull—-.”

Meanwhile, a fellow critic also said that American Pickers has lost its audience. “That’s why your show has mixed-in segments with Frank in them in between the new ones,” the critic stated. “So people will watch your show.”

Another went on to call out Robbie Wolfe’s involvement in the show as Fritz’s replacement. “Every time there’s a new Picker,” the critic begins. “It’s just a reminder to me that that guy is supposed to be Frank’s replacement.”

Friend of ‘American Pickers’ Alum Frank Fritz Says He’s on the Mend Following Stroke 

Last week, a friend of American Pickers alum Frank Fritz revealed that the former TV personality is currently on the mend.

“He would like everyone to know he continues to get better every day,” the undisclosed friend shared. She also said that the American Pickers star is very determined to get better. “He really is getting better every single day.”

Although his former co-host Mike Wolfe revealed details publicly about his stroke, the insider stated that Fritz was not prepared his condition to be revealed. “While Frank was not prepared at the time for his condition to be published, he is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes.”

The friend went on to add that the American Pickers star is now asking fans to help with another project. “On his road to recovery, he is asking [fans] to donate or to adopt a pet from our local Human Society of Scott County as he is planning on adopting a cat in the near future. This is an organization he is very passionate about.”