‘American Pickers’ Makes a Pit Stop in Selma, Alabama in Preview of New Episode: WATCH

by Blake Ells

We’ll finally get new episodes of American Pickers on Saturday night. In a previous tease, we learned that the crew will divide and conquer on the season premiere. Dani and Robbie will check out steam engines in Arizona, while Mike and Jersey will head to Alabama.

Now we know a little bit more about what is happening in Alabama. We knew that they’d be hosted by Cougar Oil CEO Rex Jones in Selma. Now the show is sharing a bit more of what Mike Wolfe will uncover.

“Picking their way through Alabama, the #AmericanPickers make a pit stop in historic Selma where Rex and his Aunt Amelia open the doors to their family’s massive collection of vintage petroliana plus a sneak peek at this awesome 260-Z that gets Mike excited. Tonight at 9/8c!” the video was captioned.

Mike makes his way to the vintage car and recalls having a similar ride of his own.

“So I had a 240, and that was one of the funnest cars I ever…” Mike Wolfe recalls. “It was an incredible car of me. It was a poor man’s sports car. I think I scraped up like $1200 bucks to buy this car. I had about $30,000 worth of fun.”

Will the American Pickers crew make an offer on this one? Rex notes in the clip that the car belonged to both his father and grandfather. It’ll surely be difficult to let go. But Mike has never been one to shy from a challenge. We’ll learn more tonight.

‘American Pickers’ New Season Debuts July 9

Dani and Robbie will be in Arizona on the season premiere. They meet with a man named Drew who has a massive collection of farm equipment. Robbie is pretty excited about digging into this agricultural find.

As the second half of the 23rd season gets underway, American Pickers is expanding its brand into more merchandising. It seems that board games, cards and puzzles are on the way. There are also action figures, construction sets, model cars and sports balls. The brand already offered an array of merchandise, including books, mugs, clothing and hand bags.

Meanwhile, former American Pickers co-host Frank Fritz is getting his life on track. Fritz reports that he has been sober for nearly a year. He’s also dedicated a lot of time to his own Illinois-based shop Frank Fritz Finds. The shop opened to mixed reviews, but it appears that things have gotten better for Fritz in his new venture.

Despite Frank’s new path, it doesn’t appear any kind of reconciliation with Mike Wolfe is nigh. The latter seems content on the road with his brother Robbie and Dani for the remainder of the current season.