‘American Pickers’ Reveals New Episodes Returning in July

by Sean Griffin

History Channel’s incredibly popular series American Pickers just announced that new episodes will be airing soon. The official American Pickers account tweeted a promotional video to pair with the announcement.

The tweet reads, “Get ready for a fun-filled summer because new episodes of #AmericanPickers are back starting July 9 on the HISTORY Channel! Watch as we search for the rarest treasures across America with some of our best finds yet and, you never know, we might be visiting your hometown next!”

However, while fans are excited for the new show, many still haven’t gotten over Frank Fritz’s departure.

Not the Same Without Frank

Many fans have been upset about Frank’s departure and absence from the show last season. According to this Outsider article, the feud between the two men isn’t close to being resolved. Mike Wolfe has replaced his former co-host, Frank Fritz, with his brother, Robbie Wolfe.

However, fans have been clamoring for Frank’s return. In tweets replying to their recent announcement, many Twitter users expressed their dismay with the show post-Frank. “Not the same without Frank,” one upset user commented. Another wrote, “bring back the bearded charmer,” referring to Frank’s thick beard and smooth-talking ways.

Other commenters seemed to have missed the news of Frank’s 2021 departure, or worse, they’re waiting in vain for his return. “Is Frank back?” one user wrote. “I don’t see Frank???” another commented. “Where’s Frank gone?” asked a third American Pickers fan.

One article discusses the reasons Frank left the show. According to the article, Fritz has financial and health concerns at the moment. According to records obtained by The Sun, the former Pickers host owes $5,038 in property back taxes on his Iowa home.

Moreover, it appears that Fritz has had some health struggles in recent years. He initiated his leave of absence at the beginning. Fritz had to recover from back surgery and needed time off. However, when the show quickly moved along with production without Fritz, rumors of bad blood circulated. American Pickers co-star Danielle Colby also shed light on the situation. She claimed that fans didn’t have the full picture and that Frank had “caused so much pain for himself.” Fritz also revealed that around the time of his departure from the show, he had been in a rehab facility. Apparently, Fritz was in a sober living facility for 77 days.

We love Frank and wish him all the best in his personal recovery from all issues, and more importantly, we hope he repairs his friendships with the cast and crew of American Pickers. While we’d all love to see a reunification of Mike and Frank, we’ll be tuning in for Mike and Robbie for the new episodes airing July 9, 2022.