‘American Pickers’: Robbie Wolfe and Jersey Jon Dive Into a ‘Black Hole of Stuff’ in New Preview

by Joe Rutland

Never let it be said that Robbie Wolfe and Jersey Jon Szalay of American Pickers will not do their darndest to try and get a deal done. This time, we see them go up against a guy named Tommy and his “black hole of stuff.” Why does he call it the black hole? Because, well, “stuff comes in and never goes out,” Tommy said in this video.

But that did not stop our two guys from staying busy with what they do best: pick. Oh yeah, they love to make a deal, too. This definitely does not fall into your game-show category alongside the fabled Let’s Make A Deal. Not even in the least. Now Robbie, the brother of the longtime host Mike Wolfe, and Jersey Jon are not taking no for an answer. So, let’s sit back and enjoy this nearly one-minute clip from a new episode that will air on Saturday night on the History Channel.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled To What Might Happen On ‘American Pickers’

With all the things that Robbie and John see in this location, they might make a haul out of the stop. But don’t think for a minute that Tommy might not part with something in his place. He sounds pretty cool in chatting it up. Of course, the cliffhanger is whether or not he makes a deal with the two guys. At this time, we don’t know whether or not that gets done. Again, we all have to tune in on Saturday night and see what happens.

American Pickers is one of the most interesting and fun TV shows out there. It’s just been a very successful show for a number of seasons and continues to be so. Of course, they remain focused on looking for antiques and collectibles from all over the United States. These guys know what to do and how to go about their work.

It’s been fun to see Mike, Robbie, Jersey Jon, and even Danielle Colby look for items. Now, Danielle has been busy taking care of Mike’s store in Iowa on American Pickers. She’s also quite busy with the different looks that she shares on Instagram all the time. Everyone gets a little look behind the curtain, so to speak, at all of the show’s hosts. They are pretty fair about letting others know what they are up to at times. It even appears that when they are not working on the show itself, that they can be found looking for items. We also know that Mike loves to tinker with antique cars and motorcycles. So, we might encourage you to keep your eyes open and see what they all share individually.