‘American Pickers’ Star Robbie Wolfe Is An Entrepreneur Outside of Picking

by Megan Molseed

In 2010, American Pickers hit the TV airwaves and it wasn’t long before the one-of-a-kind series became one of the most popular shows on the History Channel. The series follows the American Pickers as they tour the country, seeking out some hidden treasures along the way.

The hosts of the popular series spend their time searching any attic, shed, garage, basement, backyard…or any other area they think may hold some valuable antiques. From antique signage, vintage vehicles, old-timey toys, or even some valuable movie memorabilia, these antique experts are digging for it all! And, the Pickers add an extra component along the way. Sharing some impressive facts about these historically significant items as they collect their picks.

When the series premiered in 2010, fans followed the show’s creator Mike Wolfe and his cohost Frank Fritz on these exciting journeys. However, the most recent seasons have aired without Fritz in the passenger seat. Instead, Wolfe is joined by his brother Robbie in the latest episodes of American Pickers. However, this isn’t Robbie Wolfe’s only gig these days. The History Channel host is also a successful entrepreneur.

American Pickers has been on the air now for 23 seasons now. And filming episodes for the successful series is certainly time-consuming. After all, the hosts spend their days touring the country. Driving coast to coast in search of the rarest finds. However, Robbie Wolfe also continues to find time to work on his successful landscaping business outside of his picking career.

Wolfe’s Iowa-based landscaping business, RJ Wolfe and Sons, has been a successful option for landscaping needs for over 25 years now. An intriguing prospect for Iowa residents, no doubt! Working on major landscaping projects is exciting enough. But to have an American Picker (or someone employed by a Picker) completing the job would certainly make the project even better!

Mike Wolfe Describes His Brother As A Tireless Worker

Robbie’s brother, Mike, is quick to note that his entrepreneur sibling is tireless in his work ethic. Making him the ideal person to step in as his co-host on the History Channel series, the American Pickers host says.

“My brother is really incredible,” Mike Wolfe relates.

“He’s always wearing me out,” the History Channel host says of Robbie. “He’s always on a pick, or he’s at a soccer game, or he’s running another business that he has.”