‘American Pickers’ Star Robbie Wolfe Tells Unbelievable Story About a Legendary Pick

by Samantha Whidden

While celebrating the Fourth of July, “American Pickers” star Robbie Wolfe took to Instagram to share an unbelievable story about a legendary pick, which was a corn sign. 

“Nothing is better then placing pieces where they belong.” The “American Pickers” castmate explained. “Happy July 4th everybody!

While sharing the story, Wolfe said he found the corn sign while in southern Illinois. “I was in Southern Illinois when I find the most unbelievable corn sign that I have ever seen. Which was a stalk of corn basically. [It] said 1940 the corn husking championships of the whole United States. And it said it was held in Scott County. I find a million signs, but I don’t find a sign like this. I have to buy it.”

While describing the sign, Wolfe called it one of the prized possessions that he’s ever owned. He was then approached about selling the sign. “A gentleman walks into my shop three weeks later, And his last name is Keppy. And he goes to tell me that he’s looking for this corn sign. I’m like, ‘Yeah I just picked this corn sign up.’ He had heard through the grapevine that I bought it. This corn sign was something of a family heirloom to him because the National Cornhusking Championships were held on his farm in 1940.”

Keppy went on to tell the “American Pickers” star that his grandfather actually won the 1940 National Cornhusking Championship. “He shows me all these pictures, Goodyear blimp is flying overhead. There were 125,000 people together to watch this National Cornhusking Championship. Unbelievable.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Robbie Wolfe Says He & the Crew Put Things in ‘Their Proper Places’ 

As he continued to speak about the encounter with Keppy, “American Pickers” star Robbie Wolfe spoke about his main goal as a picker. 

“This is what we do. We put things in their proper places,” Wolfe stated. He then spoke about what he told Keppy after selling him the sign. “I said, ‘The only thing I want from you, I guarantee your wife makes a hell of a piece of pie. That’s all I want. I want to be invited to your house, have a piece of pie with your family, and see that piece of corn hanging up with all the photos he showed me.’”

Wolfe went on to add that’s what his job is all about. “Sometimes we’re pickers, sometimes we’re antique dealers, but man, no better feeling in the world is to put something in its proper place. And that’s what we did with that.”

Also in the post, Wolfe showed snapshots of the pictures that Keppy showed him while selling the cornhusking sign.