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‘American Pickers’ Sends Fans Into a Frenzy Sharing Clip With Frank Fritz

by Joe Rutland
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(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

Fans of American Pickers are simply over the moon right now as the show shared a clip with Frank Fritz in it. While the clip was not a new one, the fact that it aired on the show’s Facebook page is something to note.

Right now, the show is in Season 24 on the History Channel. None of the clips that are shown from this season include Fritz. What about the one on Facebook? TV Shows Ace states that the clip comes from 2013 when the show was in Season 10. In it, we see Fritz along with Mike Wolfe over in Italy. They meet up with Mike’s old friend Flavio. And they happen to come across a Zundapp KS 750 motorcycle and sidecar. It belongs to Flavio but there will start some back-and-forth about pricing. Eventually, Mike and Flavio settle on a deal for Mike to get the motorcycle for €8,000.

Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz Reportedly Happy In ‘American Pickers’ Clip From Italy Trip

In the clip itself, reportedly Mike and Frank are happy with one another. This was back when things were good between both men. But things did go sour with Frank getting sent off the show. He has had a number of health challenges in his life. This includes a stint in alcohol rehab for his substance abuse issues. But Fritz also suffered a debilitating stroke that has led him to be in rehabilitation from that health situation. At one point, Frank’s father Bill Fritz offered an update on his health, simply saying that Frank was in stable condition.

Will Fritz come on back to the show? That’s the big question that longtime fans have on their minds these days. As for what Wolfe thinks about Frank’s possible return, he said that he “hopes” Fritz can do so. “I would hope that he’s gonna be back on the show,” Wolfe said in an interview, according to The Sun. “But right now he needs to get healthier.”

Meanwhile, last August, fans took to the Internet to claim that they wanted Fritz back on the show immediately. “Your bro is cool but the show isn’t the same without Frank. Im hoping he recovers and you all can reconcile your differences,” one user wrote. “Bring Frank back when he heals!! The show has not been as good since he left!! Get well soon Frank,” another person wrote.

While Fritz recovers from his stroke, he does face a large issue with medical bills. Reportedly, Fritz will have to pay more than $273,000 per year for medical care. It appears that Fritz will be needing additional medical help in his life.