‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Has Fans Freaking Out Over This New Pic

by Joe Rutland

Danielle Colby of American Pickers fame is showing off some stylish looks and cool comments in a new post. Colby, who is one of the show’s hosts along with Mike Wolfe and Robbie Wolfe, stopped by Third Man Records. There is a location in Nashville. The business also has a place in Detroit, too. Well, her visit absolutely blew her away. Fans were digging this new post and we’ll get to their comments in a minute. Right now, take look at Colby’s photo outside Third Man Records.

OK, now to the comments. The first one happens to come from Leticia Cline, who is Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend. She simply leaves a heart emoji for her friend to see. How sweet. Another person wrote, “That jumpsuit is” followed by a fire emoji. Basically, this Colby follower is just digging her wardrobe. This fan said, “Jack was so smart gettin’ in The Gulch when he did. Love his place.” The reference is to Jack Black, who is one of the people behind Third Man Records.  

Danielle Colby of ‘American Pickers’ Is No Stranger To Viewers

This fan commented on the business of record pressing. “Record pressing is so interesting!” the person wrote. “I love to think of how people used to be able to pay to make records of themselves singing or speaking for loved ones. Also, I love how comfy you look in that outfit”. Another winning comment about her wardrobe. One more fan comment for the road here. This person wrote, “That must have been interesting”. We agree that going into Third Man Records would be interesting and cool.

Longtime American Pickers fans know that Colby has been a part of the scene since the show’s early seasons. She has been holding the fort down, if you will, at Mike Wolfe’s Le Claire, Iowa, store Antique Archaeology. Of course, Mike has a store in Nashville these days, too. Yet a lot of attention recently has been on their response to the health crisis surrounding former host Frank Fritz.

As you may know, Fritz suffered a stroke and is currently hospitalized. Colby and both Wolfe brothers have been effusive in their love and care toward Frank. Of course, many of the show’s fans have wanted Fritz back on American Pickers. At this time, his return is unlikely. Fritz’s main focus these days, obviously, is his health and well-being. Should something on that score change, then we will let you know. But American Pickers keeps moving forward with new episodes popping up on the History Channel. While there is a case to be made about the show’s ratings slipping these days, it still is popular with viewers.