‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Speaks Out, Posts Eye-Catching Photo Amid Backlash Against Show

by Caitlin Berard

Beloved American Pickers star Frank Fritz was fired from the series in 2021 but has been absent far longer. The fan-favorite treasure hunter hasn’t been seen on the show in more than two years. As fans have come to grips with the fact that he likely won’t return, they’ve begun to lose interest in the long-running series.

Though thousands of people still tune in each week to catch Mike and Robbie Wolfe’s latest finds, many claim the show is “boring” without Frank. Some have gone as far as to boycott the show until the Iowa native returns.

“Very dry and boring without Frank – scripted, no freestylin’; a very different show,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “I understand that he isn’t coming back but you should have ended the original show and started a new one moving forward.”

“Haven’t watched since 2020 when Frankie got canned,” another agreed. “Not going to waste my time on this stuff ever again… I wish they would take this new garbage off the History Channel. It’s a great station.”

The show’s steadily declining ratings could spell disaster for Mike Wolfe and his fellow American Pickers stars. Antique Archaeology manager Danielle Colby, however, remains as positive as ever.

Throughout all the drama between Frank and Mike, Danielle has remained neutral, showing equal support for both of her American Pickers co-stars. And rather than dwell on the current decline of the show, she’s focusing more energy on her side hustle as a model and burlesque performer.

Danielle Colby Gushes About Life’s ‘Greatest Gifts’

In a recent Instagram post, Danielle shared an image of herself posing provocatively with a boa. In the caption, the American Pickers star gushed about her friends outside of the show and invited her fans to support them as well.

“My lovely friend [Bella Sin] sent me a care package a while back which was so sweet and thoughtful,” Colby wrote in the caption. “One of life’s greatest gifts is to be surrounded by good friends.”

“But one of life’s OTHER greatest gifts is handmade burlesque goods like this stunning vegan boa made by Bella’s friend [Samantha Echo],” she continued. “Also, fun fact: the makeup I’ve got on in the photo is from Bella’s makeup line [Haus of Sin Cosmetics]. Go check out these creators and shop small if you can!”

Though Danielle Colby remains a member of the American Pickers cast, she likely won’t stay with the series forever. She adores the show and her co-star Mike Wolfe, but has never seen the series as a lifelong career.

“I highly doubt that Antique Archaeology is the last job I’ll ever have in my life,” she told the Miami New Times in 2012. “Though it is definitely the coolest job I’ve had to date.”

“It all depends on when my time there has run its course,” she continued. “I have an obligation to Mike who put me in the position I’m in right now. And I’ll respect that ’til the end.”