‘American Pickers’ Star Frank Fritz Facing Staggering Medical Bills After Stroke: Here’s How Much

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Times have been tough for former American Pickers host Frank Fritz and they are even more painful with some medical bills, too. He’s facing some staggering medical needs. Fritz is reportedly expected to pay more than $273,000 per year in medical bills after suffering a stroke. Fritz was hospitalized for it back on July 14. He’s been recovering at a nearby rehabilitation facility.

Upon this situation happening, Fritz’s friends filed an emergency appointment of temporary guardian and conservator for him on August 18. They claim that his “decision­-making capacity is so impaired.” Court papers obtained by The U.S. Sun indicate that Conservator MidWestOne Bank has filed an Initial Plan to reveal Fritz’s monthly expenses. He spends $28,292 per month on expenses. This does include $22,832 on “in-home health care.” Per year, health care will cost Fritz $273,984.

Former ‘American Pickers’ Host Frank Fritz Faces Long Road To Recover

Additional expenses include $1,250 in food, $850 in health insurance payments, $500 in transportation, $250 in clothing, and more. Fritz’s income is reportedly hanging around $60,000 from his “investments.” Court papers indicate that MidWestOne Bank has provided a plan for Fritz to earn more. “Assets will be invested to start generating income for Mr. Fritz,” court papers read.

Fritz’s antiques and collectibles have not been inventoried. The conservator, though, has plans to “leave them largely as they are now.” Meanwhile, the conservator plans to work with the guardian to “integrate Mr. Fritz into management decisions as he continues to recover.” There will be a checking account that will have a “small balance” in it for Fritz to use. Also, the conservator will also “work to apply for disability income for the protected person should he be eligible.” How long will the conservatorship last? The bank simply replied “unknown.” Fritz did not have a job when he suffered his stroke, The U.S. Sun reports. No debt is listed.  

Fritz was put into the hospital for a stroke back on July 14. A friend found him down on the floor at his Iowa home. The outlet had reported that the American Pickers star would be under a temporary guardianship and conservatorship. Court documents now read, “Because of his stroke, Mr. Fritz’s decision­-making capacity is so impaired that he is unable to care for his own safety, or to provide for necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, or medical care without which physical injury or illness may occur. Mr. Fritz’s decision­making capacity is so impaired that he is unable to make, communicate, or carry out important decisions concerning his own financial affairs.”