‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe ‘Finally’ Meets Artist He’s Been Following on the Show

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Mike Wolfe of American Pickers has a lot of followers who keep up with his work but what’s it like when he meets someone he follows? That happened on Thursday as Wolfe visits artist Tyree Guyton. This meeting happens as a result of Wolfe picking up a piece of Guyton’s own art. Talk about artist meeting artist. In a way, Wolfe makes art come alive when picking through antiques and collectibles. What someone might think is not worth anything anymore, well, Mike finds something worthwhile. It’s the life of a picker.

Mike Wolfe of ‘American Pickers’ Highlights Work Of Artist Tyree Guyton

Guyton oversees The Heidelberg Project. Its Twitter account says it is a “Detroit nonprofit community organization designed to improve lives and neighborhoods through art.” Their meeting takes place in Detroit, where Guyton lives and founded the organization. According to its website, Guyton would return to Heidelberg Street on Detroit’s East Side in 1986. The area was filled with drugs and poverty. It was his grandfather, though, who encouraged him to use a paintbrush instead of a gun. Through the beauty of art, change takes place in this section of Detroit.

When Mike Wolfe finds art that means something, he has a passion about it. Watching American Pickers lets viewers of the History Channel show see all types of art and antiques. The program remains popular and Wolfe, along with his brother Robbie and Danielle Colby, keep looking for good stuff. Of course, visiting different locations in the United States allows him and his team to find a lot of interesting objects.

Restoration Of Historic Building In Hometown Keeps Wolfe Busy

What new projects are in the works for Wolfe? He’s busy restoring a historic building in his hometown of Le Claire, Iowa, refurbished. Wolfe talked about it in a recent Instagram update. “Over the years, it has deteriorated more rapidly because of the product used to cover it,” he said. “The bricks on this building were actually made in Le Claire and are notorious for eventually turning to dust if not maintained.”

There’s always something going on in his world. Finding items and telling their stories actually make up a good part of any program for American Pickers. Just notice all of the things Mike and his crew do collect for the show and Mike’s business. There is a lot of stuff to, shall we say, pick through for viewers’ delights. He has a deep fascination and love for collectible bicycles. “I just fell in love with the early stuff,” he tells Bicycling in an interview. “It was so archaic and primitive and mysterious.” Just keep your eyes on him and see what items he’ll pick up when making a visit to a town.