‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Finds ‘Huge Key’ to Completing an Incredible Vintage Motorcycle

by Joe Rutland

Mike Wolfe of American Pickers has been working on motorcycles as part of his antique collection for a period of time. It’s always cool when Wolfe, who hosts the show along with his brother Robbie and Danielle Colby, shares a piece of history. In this post from his Instagram account, we get a chance to see a little view of a vintage motorcycle. The veteran picker just digs having what he calls “this little road map” in the post below.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Share Their Observations Of Mike Wolfe’s Latest Find

As usual, those who follow Wolfe’s social media accounts were ready to chime in about this post. One says, “My grandpa had a motorcycle like that.” Imagine the stories that this person could share with Wolfe. Knowing Mike, he’d probably sit down for a conversation. This fan writes, “Love the vintage ad pamphlet hope that you all have a great Saturday”.

There are so many things Wolfe gets into on American Pickers. He goes out on the road and finds so many different antiques and collectibles. Longtime fans are getting used to seeing him on the show without Frank Fritz. They appear to be warming up to Robbie and Danielle. Still, there might be some who long for the good, old days.

Host Happens To Find Robot Toy, Picks It Up With Sweet Deal

Wolfe keeps himself busy with the show and his own stores. He has one called Antique Archaeology in his hometown of LeClaire, Iowa It has made appearances on the History Channel show over the years. Apparently, Mike will still go out and “pick” through a lot of objects. Based on this Instagram post, you know that he’s keeping his eyes open for vintage motorcycles and even pieces, too.

In a fairly recent episode, Wolfe happens to purchase a vintage toy for a low price. If you happen to know a little about science fiction and its popularity, then robots were a part of its early introduction. Wolfe happens to find an old vintage robot toy and buys it. He offers the toy’s owners $65 for it but they counter with $75. That’s good enough for Mike. What will he do with it? Probably look for a way to resell it and hope to get a few bucks.

This show just gives people a chance to see the ins and outs of an antique picker’s life. Wolfe has a lot of experience in this field and shares his adventures all the time. But fans are pretty much surprised by how many different objects he and his crew can find out there.