‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Gives Update on ‘Time Capsule’ 1939 Ford Coupe: PHOTOS

by Taylor Cunningham

Mike Wolfe’s 1939 Ford Coupe restoration is moving along. And the American Pickers host has the pictures to prove it.

As he shared in a recent Tweet, the project has been rocky from the start, especially since he bought the car without a set of keys—and the doors were locked. But luckily, his friends at Peterson Lock never gave up hope. And they managed to get inside without harming the windows or body.

However, even though Wolfe had a major breakthrough, he still has a lot of work ahead before the classic car returns to its former beauty.

“The 1939 #fordcoupe is open!!!” he wrote alongside four photos. “Thank you Peterson Lock for not giving up! The inside is a time capsule. Not opened since 1975! Interior is beautiful rich colors and in amazing condition. Looking forward to getting this baby back #inthevalley.”

The snapshots show off the inside of the car, which held up surprisingly well. The wood dash is scratch-free. And with a little work, the cloth seats should look brand new. Also, the bottom is covered with old newspapers that both protected the floor and help give the car that “time capsule” look that Wolfe touted.

‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Unveils ‘Insane’ Original Paint on His Classic Barn Find

Mike Wolfe found the 1939 Ford Coupe stashed away in an old barn during one of his many picks. Being a vintage car fanatic, he knew that it was something special. And because it was in near perfect condition, he was quick to make a deal and take it back to his Columbia, TN, body shop.

On June 18th, he posted his first restoration update. At the time, he still wasn’t able to get inside the car. So he was focusing all of his time on removing the dirt and grime that had accumulated on the body while sitting in storage for nearly five decades.

Once he finished a portion of the work, he was wholly impressed by the “insane” original paint. And as he showed off with before and after pics on Instagram, it didn’t look to have a single scratch or dent.

“Just starting to clean this 1939 Ford Coupe,” he captioned alongside the photos. “Original Paint Is insane!! Might be one of the nicest 39 Fords on the planet. Car has been sitting since 1975 We have had two locksmiths try and get the door open. Haven’t had luck yet Interior looks mint thru the glass. #barnfind #39ford.”