‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Looks Unrecognizable in New Photo, Has Fans Concerned

by Shelby Scott

American Pickers fans have had former star Frank Fritz on their minds as the 56-year-old suffered a stroke in July. Recently though, Fritz provided fans with a positive update about his condition and he seems to be on the mend. Nevertheless, the American Pickers fanbase is still showing concern as its current star, Mike Wolfe, appears completely unrecognizable in one of his new posts. See his recent Tweet below.

Mike Wolfe’s latest tweet shows him attending the annual Davenport Swap. The photo shows he attended with fellow motorheads, Michael Lange and Randy “Detroit” Hayward. Over time, we became accustomed to Mike Wolfe’s well-groomed facial hair and standard button-ups. However, the TV star instead attended the event with a completely clean-shaven look, a light grey T-shirt, and an uncharacteristic straw hat.

Responding to the American Pickers‘ star’s newest update, one fan wrote, “Gosh he looks so different don’t know if I like it.”

A second fan added, “Is Mike having a crisis?”

Some fans, on the other hand, were totally digging the picker’s new look.

“Stunning pic,” one of the celebrity’s followers said, “I like your hat Mike!!!”

One other American Pickers fan gushed, “love the clean shave–took ten years off of you :-) looks terrific!”

According to The U.S. Sun, Mike Wolfe had an opportunity to change up his usual appearance as American Pickers did not air a new episode over the Labor Day weekend. The History Channel series’ decision not to air a new episode came after viewership numbers recently dropped by 200,000.

‘American Pickers’ Risky Network Move Does Not Pay Off

That American Pickers continues to drop in viewership ratings is hardly news. After longtime fan-favorite star Frank Fritz was unceremoniously booted from the show in 2020, fans came after Mike Wolfe, demanding the former’s return. However, since Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz split, Wolfe has barely addressed Fritz’s involuntary departure. Several seasons following Fritz’s leave from the show, ratings continue to drop, though this time, the loss comes from a risky network move.

Until now, American Pickers had been airing new episodes on the History Channel at 9 p.m. However, the most recent episode, which marked the mid-season premiere of season 23, debuted at 8 p.m. and many believe it’s that small, though consequential, change that resulted in the ratings drop.

When American Pickers first took to screens, the reality series was regularly reaching viewership totals surpassing 1 million. However, more recently, highs have reached just 829,000. In the course of just one week, thanks to the recent network change-up, American Pickers lost 200,000 viewers.

In addition, Frank Fritz’s continued absence from the show has many fans continuing to boycott, especially after the former star said in 2021 that, after a major back surgery, he was “100 percent recovered and ready to roll. Instead, and as we well know, he was fired. The addition of Wolfe’s brother Robbie to the show has only worsened ratings overall.