‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe on the Moment He Found His True Calling

by Megan Molseed

For over a decade now, the American Pickers have been delighting TV watchers with some fun and unique discoveries from all across the country. The popular History Channel series follows the show’s creator Mike Wolfe and his cohost as he travels all across the country searching attics, basements, garages, sheds, and even closets for some pricelessly valuable gems – or even finds that could be worth thousands, some even as much as10s of thousands of dollars.

Part of the draw to the entire series is the excitement Mike Wolfe has for the world of antiquing. Fans are drawn to his charmingly passionate drive to pick and sort through rooms of items to find that one special find. However, The American Pickers star hasn’t always had the kind of luck we see on the famed History Channel series.

In fact, the antiquer’s first pick occurred when he was just four years old. And, this one went very differently from what we see in the series. But, it was enough of a taste of the picking life for Mike Wolfe that it inspired the passion that has now led to his enormously successful career in the business.

American Pickers Star Mike Wolfe Got His First Taste Of The “Picking” Lifestyle While Still In Kindergarten

During a discussion with CBS Sunday Morning, Mike Wolfe recounts his first pick when he was only four years old. And, while the value of this pick may have been questionable, the History Channel star host says he kind of wishes he still had it in his possession.

According to Wolfe, he happened on a garbage pile filled with bikes when he was just four years old. Now, fans of the show know well that vehicles – bikes in particular – are one of Wolfe’s biggest passions.

“I wish I did [still have it],” Mike Wolfe laments of his very first find.

“I sold it like two weeks later,” the American Pickers star continues. “I was 4 years old and I pulled a bicycle out of the garbage.”

However, this move ended up setting the stage for Wolfe’s now very prolific career. He sold the found bicycle to an older kid in the neighborhood for some cash. And, Wolfe says, this $5 windfall made him feel like he was rolling.”

“It just kinda took off from there,” The American Pickers star relates of his early find.

“I always felt like I was a little detective on a history hunt,” Wolfe explains. “And it never left me.”