‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Once Opened Up About His First Ever Pick

by Joe Rutland

You have been watching Mike Wolfe on American Pickers for a long, long time doing his thing when it comes to “picking.” Yet here’s an interesting question. How long do you think Wolfe has been in love with the business? The answer might shock some of you. Mike would recall in an inteview when the first pick he did ever took place. As it turns out, he was a wee tyke of a kid. In fact, Mike still holds a desire to keep what he did sell off that day. Yep, all those years ago.

“I wish I did [still have it],” Wolfe said in an interview with Stage Right Secrets. “I sold it like two weeks later.” What was it? “I was 4 years old and I pulled a bicycle out of the garbage,” he said. “And I sold it to an older kid in the neighborhood for like 5 bucks … I thought I was rolling. It just kinda took off from there … I always felt like I was a little detective on a history hunt, and it never left me.”

Mike Wolfe’s Friendship With Frank Fritz Is Still Important on ‘American Pickers’

Now for those who love the show, you know that Mike has been the host since the show’s first season. He and Frank Fritz got the show off the ground with their banter. They were forever searching for the greatest antiques and collectives they could find. In recent years, Mike has been joined by his brother Robbie and others along the journey.

Of course, there are fans screaming and yelling for Frank to come on back. The popular co-host is no longer on the show as he was fired. Still, the fact that Mike and Frank were the first hosts has a dear and sweet place in viewers’ hearts. The fans are quite loyal to this show and they have been watching for a long time. Fritz has been dealing with some health issues in recent weeks.

For those loyal Frank fans, they might as well simply understand that Fritz is gone from the show forever. When Mike told the world about Frtiz’s stroke, he made it clear that he was aware of what people had been saying about his friendship with Frank. Mike did not address those comments at the time. He, in fact, kept his focus on asking for prayers and support for his friend.

American Pickers, though, keeps on rolling along. In fact, we’ve recently seen Robbie Wolfe and Jersey Jon in a teaser for a new episode. Fans get to see them go out and “pick” for different items. The search always is fun and makes watching the show that much more exciting.