‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Previews Upcoming Episode in New Post: PHOTO

by Joe Rutland

Well, it’s that time of the week again for a new American Pickers episode with Mike Wolfe to pop up on the History Channel. We get a little heads-up about what’s going to happen on Saturday night. Thanks to Twitter, Wolfe’s Antique Archaeology team put out a photo of Wolfe and Jersey Jon at work. As you can tell, these guys are quite busy thanks to their “picking” work. Check out the photo below and get ready to watch American Pickers‘ upcoming episode.

Now, longtime fans have been watching this show for a period of time. They’ve seen Wolfe and his crew be busy out checking on new items they find out about from different people. Part of the charm of American Pickers happens to be watching Mike interact with them.

Drama on ‘American Pickers’ These Days Revolves Around Frank Fritz

The drama picks up with each show. There’s so much going down that keeping up with it might feel like a heavy load. Watching Mike carry around things like those columns might wear you down. Yet there are so many antiques and collectibles Mike, Robbie Wolfe, and Danielle Colby work through that it’s just cool to see these items. Nearly all of them happen to have a story connected to the items.

Speaking of drama, a lot of it around American Pickers recently has been about Frank Fritz. He suffered a stroke and is currently hospitalized. Again, longtime fans know that Mike and Frank started out as cohosts. Then Fritz was fired and he went off to work on his own. Still, there are many fans of the show who wish he was still on there. They appear to be tired of seeing Robbie and Danielle fill the cohost roles as they do. Maybe Jersey Jon will take their place.

But that would not please the people who watch at all. There is a definite fever around having Fritz return. Again, don’t look for that to happen. Sure, Mike let the world know initially about Frank’s health condition. He even asked people to pray for his friend. Yet that did not cool down the calls for Fritz’s return and Mike’s apology. Fans want him to apologize for getting rid of his friend. Some even would like him to probably dump Robbie, his brother, from the show as well. Will these people ever be happy? Maybe they need to go find another TV show to watch. Ratings for American Pickers reportedly have been dropping with Mike’s brother on there. Well, we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for updates on Fritz and his health. In the meantime, catch a new episode on Saturday night.