‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Reveals Big Behind-the-Scenes Secret in New Post

by Alex Falls

American Pickers continues its trek across the country. They’re looking for the best treasures hiding in the private collections and junk piles scattered across America.

Creator of the show and co-host Mike Wolfe loves to share looks behind the scenes for upcoming episodes on his social media profiles. A recent post of his on Instagram showing off a classic car he rescued from a junk pile while hyping some upcoming episodes being filmed in Pennsylvania.

During the post, he shared a big secret behind American Pickers regarding how long it takes for their picks to make it on the show. Wolfe revealed it takes at least four months from the time they film their picks before fans get to see them for themselves on TV.

Wolfe captioned the photo, “This car was purchased out of a junk yard 30 years ago. My how times have changed. Making some great shows in PA looking forward to y’all seeing them. We’re usually 4 months out from air dates after a shoot. #356 rolling out of the dark into the light.”

A Recent Honey Hole on ‘American Pickers’

A recent episode of American Pickers showed the Iowa antique collectors venturing to Lousianna on their hunt for more collectibles. They met up with Mary Stander in Lafayette who’s been accumulating a massive collection for decades.

Wolfe brought the entire film crew to her property and spent a long grueling day digging through her many pieces. Stander told The Advocate Acadiana that Wolfe and the crew were very impressed with her collection.

“It was really nice to see them gasp when they’d walk into a room. And be as thrilled as they were with the things that they were seeing,” Stander said. “From the moment they turned into my driveway until they left and said bye-bye, was my favorite time of the day.”

Mary’s story is the foundation of what people love about American Pickers. She’s been collecting since she was 13 after her mother would make frequent trips to the flea market.

“[I love] the history behind each and every piece, the things that those things could tell us about the people that they knew. When something is 200 years old or 150 years old, it’s a treasure,” Stander said.

Standler said her friends have told her for years that she should appear on the show with her collection. “When I’d open my garage people would say, ‘Oh my God! You need to call American Pickers.’ For years,” Stander said.

Now that the episode recently aired, Strander can’t wait for viewers around the country to get a look at her life’s work. “I hope their eyes sparkle a little bit when they see my treasures,” Stander said.