‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Reveals ‘Earliest Piece’ of Harley Davidson ‘Literature’ He’s Ever Come Across

by Shelby Scott

Mike Wolfe has found some interesting and rare antiques during his time on American Pickers. However, in a new post, the reality TV star shared a photo of an especially interesting item. Taking to Instagram to show off the find, Wolfe posted pictures of the “earliest piece” of Harley Davidson “literature” that he’s found to date. Check it out.

Amazingly, as the American Pickers star points out, the cover of the brochure doesn’t even say, “Harley Davidson.” Instead, it simply reads, “Motorcycles,” with the title page of the brochure marking the first mention of the coveted bike brand.

“This is probably the earliest piece of Harley literature I have ever come across,” Wolfe shared with fans. Only four years into production at [the time of publication].”

More specifically, the History Channel star highlighted that the little booklet serves as a sales brochure for the 1907 Strap Tank.

Aside from its overtly simple cover, Mike Wolfe said, “There is a faint dealer stamp that look[s] like it says Chicago.” If that’s the case, then this more than century old brochure is an extremely unique find as the first Harley Davidson dealership was erected in the Windy City.

The American Pickers star, in awe, concluded, “Pretty amazing this piece has survived 115 years.”

Even more incredible is the clarity of the text and images. While the discolored pages mark the age of the brochure, the black and gray ink appears nearly untouched, the letters and images as clear as they day the booklet was printed.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Show Love for Mike Wolfe’s Newest Find

Mike Wolfe’s latest Harley Davidson find speaks to the ongoing longevity of the motorcycle brand, which, in part, is why so many American Pickers fans shared their enthusiasm for the piece of literature in the star’s comments. However, interestingly, more fans, followers, and pickers were more interested in the booklet itself. Here’s what some of Wolfe’s followers had to say.

“That’s as cool as the bike itself,” one fan wrote. “Incredible ‘original ink’.”

Others appreciated the artwork as much as the item itself.

Plenty of others echoed those comments, speaking about the condition of the booklet and its survival across the last century.

“What a treasure,” a third fan concluded.

Mike Wolfe Locates Another Century-Old Find

Before sharing photos of his recently-uncovered century-old Harley Davidson pamphlet, the American Pickers star located yet another fascinating century-old item.

Harley Davidson continues to be one of America’s longest-standing brands, alongside classics like Ford and Carhartt. However, we can’t forget about the iconic denim line, Levi Strauss & Co., and thanks to Mike Wolfe, it doesn’t appear as though the jean company will fade to the past any time soon.

During a previous episode of American Pickers, Wolfe cast a spotlight on the denim brand after locating several pairs of jeans dating back as early as the 1930s. While in mint condition, the pants could have earned a hefty price tag, they were missing things like buckles and pockets, not to mention the jeans’ sizes.

Still, after uncovering the denim collection, Wolfe paid an impressive $1375 for half a dozen vintage jeans.