‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Reveals Look at Gorgeous ‘Barn Find’ Motorcycle

by Taylor Cunningham

American Pickers host Mike Wolfe scored yet another great find that was tucked away in one of the dusty barns of America’s heartland.

In a Twitter post today, the reality star posted a pic of the item on Instagram. And it happens to be one of his most cherished antiques—a motorcycle.

“Barn Find 1969 Honda Mornin to y’all,” he wrote.”…. I’ve been told you meet the nicest people on these things ♥️🐺👊🏻@columbiamotoralley.”

Judging by the close-up snapshot of the bright yellow beauty, it looks to be in mint condition.

According to J.D. Power NADA guides, Wolfe’s Honda Z50 could snag him up to $5,320. But we’d guess that between his star power and the probable restorations he’ll give the vintage hog at his Columbia, TN, bike shop, he may be able to earn a little more.

What’s best is that Mike’s Columbia Motor Alley tag leads us to believe that the bike is on display in the automobile-themed district of the city. So if any of our Outsiders live in the Nashville area, be sure to head down there and check it out.

‘American Pickers’ Host Mike Wolfe Loves Vintage Motorcycles So Much That he Once Dropped Nearly $90K to Buy One

And we weren’t kidding when we said that Mike Wolfe loves himself a good antique motorcycle. While his most recent find likely only cost him a few hundred to a few grand, he’s been known to drop some serious cash on a good collectible. And he proved that a few years ago when he handed over nearly $90,000 for his passion

The transaction happened during a 2017 episode appropriately titled The $90,000 Question.

In the show, Mike and his former co-host Frank Fritz were scouring the Pacific Northwest for treasures to take to Mike’s shop Antique Archeology.

While there, the two pickers stopped by an Oregon property owned by a man named Zand and his mother, Linda. Upon searching, Mike walks into a treasure trove of bikes and motorcycle engines. The sight was quite literally his dream come true.

Overwhelmed with excitement, Mike Wolfe began spewing information about all of the special bikes he uncovered. And he knew that the motorcycles and the parts were a once-in-a-lifetime find. And together, the collection was worth a small fortune.

So the notorious haggler instantly threw an impressive $85,000 offer at Zane and Linda, and the two immediately agreed.

To this day, the pick is the most that Mike, Frank, or Mike’s brother Robbie have ever spent at a single home.