‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe ‘Stuns’ Fans With New Pic Taken at His Hometown

by Joe Rutland

Recently, American Pickers host Mike Wolfe returned home to Leclaire, Iowa, and he’s sharing some sweet photos with us. As you can tell. Wolfe is driving around in a cool 1934 Ford. That’s what Mike is telling us in the caption while letting us get a look at the car. It might make some antique car fans want to hop in there for a ride. It is understandable because there probably are not that many of these Ford types still around for people to pick up. If there is one thing Mike Wolfe knows how to do, then it’s “picking” after all. Check out the photos below that he posted on Twitter on Thursday. Fans were happy in their replies. Words like beautiful and fantastic were filling up Mike’s comments section.

Some longtime fans have been watching Wolfe really closely these days. They want some type of resolution between him and longtime former cohost Frank Fritz. You might have heard that Fritz suffered a stroke and is hospitalized. It happened to be Wolfe who first informed the public about Frank’s condition. Well, it seems that this has encouraged some people to get on Mike a lot with criticisms. A report from The Sun indicated that Frank’s father Bill Fritz said that Frank is now in stable condition. No other news or details about Frank’s condition were revealed by him, according to the outlet.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Want To See Frank Fritz Come On Back

Heck, there are some American Pickers viewers who don’t want Mike’s brother Robbie Wolfe to be on there anymore. Robbie has been on the History Channel show since Fritz was fired. Still, these people want to see Frank come back on the show. It simply will not be happening. Of course, these fans also watch Danielle Colby pop up as a cohost on there. But she’s been associated with American Pickers for a period of time. She’s worked for Mike in his Iowa store.

What do these fans want? A lot of them want American Pickers to return to their first form. They want Mike and Frank back together on the show. They also want reconciliation between both men. It’s in this incarnation that so many fell in love with watching them seek out antiques and collectibles. Alas, though, they will just have to get used to seeing Mike with his other cohorts. Frank is getting better and that’s good news. Maybe he will get his own show once his health returns to being solid. Still, this show remains quite popular even if ratings are slipping right now. Look for Mike to be sharing even more photos from his life and work in the coming days.