‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Teases Paradise Road Show in Nashville: ‘Have to Check It Out’

by Joe Rutland

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe is giving his fans a little bit of a tease ahead of the Paradise Road Show on July 30 in Nashville. If there’s one thing we know about Wolfe, then it’s that he loves classics. Antiques, collectibles, and, yes, motorcycles. We’ve seen him share photos and images of them on his social media accounts. This event is held yearly, and Wolfe is encouraging his fans around the area to go check it out.

According to its website, the Paradise Road Show is a classic car, hot rod, and motorcycle show inspired by the pre-1976 classics. It is held annually in Palm Springs, Calif., and Nashville. The show was founded back in 2016 by three people: Lana MacNaughton, Adri Law, and Chase Stopnik. So, if you are in and around Music City U.S.A., then go pay a visit to the show. Tickets are available through the event’s website, too.

Mike Wolfe of ‘American Pickers’ Points Out Favorite Motorcycle Route

Fans love seeing Wolfe along with cohosts Robbie Wolfe and Danielle Colby stay busy on the History Channel show. You never know what they will bring on American Pickers. The fun and interesting show has gone through some changes in the past couple of years. Fan favorite Frank Fritz is no longer on there. It’s turned some of them away from watching. Still, Mike and his crew scour across the United States for interesting items and stories.

Speaking of Nashville and motorcycles, Wolfe recently shared his favorite route. What is it? He writes in an Instagram post, “If you’re a motorcycle or car enthusiast living in Nashville. One route you know well is Old Hillsboro. For years this has been the ride of choice. Destination Leipers Fork @foxandlocke Then onto the @thenatcheztrace parkway. Some of the best @ontwolanes travel in the southern states. #vincentmotorcycle.”

But there is more to Mike Wolfe than his work. He also spends some time doing charity work. One of them near and dear to his heart happens to be Operation Smile. It is an organization that helps children get reparative surgeries for cleft lip and palates. Wolfe’s daughter Charlie was born with this facial difference. Wolfe also worked closely at one time with another organization to get a statue made in Charlie’s likeness.

In yet another recent post on social media, Wolfe reflected on the 11th anniversary of his Nashville shop. Antique Archaeology has a location there. Yes, he also has one in his home state of Iowa, too. There’s no doubt that he is one busy dude and enjoys his work. Wolfe is not shy about letting his fans know what is happening in his life. Look for more fun from him on American Pickers, too.