‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Teases Upcoming Episode in New Post: PHOTO

by Joe Rutland

If you have not had a chance to see American Pickers recently, then you are in luck as the History Channel show has a new episode. Yep, make your plans for Saturday night at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central. As you can tell by this from the show’s Twitter account, American Pickers will yet again show Mike Wolfe at work. Well, is picking some antiques and collectibles work? Mike will probably say yeah, it sure is. But we get the thrill of sitting and watching him at work. So, let’s take look and see what the show is sharing with us on Friday afternoon.

If you are interested in whiskey at all, then you might be interested in what Mike will be showing off. He’s going to always have some help along for the ride. We might see him with his brother Robbie Wolfe or his longtime cohost Danielle Colby. But there always is interesting stuff happening on American Pickers. There hardly is ever a dull moment and Mike does his best to keep things busy.

‘American Pickers’ Keeps Rolling In Wake of Frank Fritz’s Stroke

The show has gained viewers over the years thanks to Wolfe’s interest in what other people have at home. Of course, sometimes they stop by and check in with antique shops, too. Yes, viewership has taken a bit of a dive this season and in recent ones. A lot of them loved seeing Mike work with his former cohost Frank Fritz. Well, with Fritz no longer around, there’s something missing in their eyes.

Obviously, the team of Wolfe and Fritz got the show running. These days, though, Fritz has a lot of other things going on in his life. Recently, Fritz was hospitalized due to a stroke. Wolfe even went on his own Instagram account and made the announcement. Some fans didn’t like him using his account in that way. They blame Mike, in some way, for Fritz’s issues after he was fired from the show. Hopefully, Frank will get better and heal from his stroke.

One thing that the show has been doing is airing old episodes with Frank on there. This is being done in light of Wolfe receiving criticism. Robbie and Danielle have been offering updates on his condition, too. While the criticisms are abounding, it appears that all three current hosts are sharing their hearts for Frank at this time. American Pickers keeps on rolling along with new shows. Yet the cast and crew will be keeping an eye on their friend’s health condition. The show will continue to air on the History Channel, too. Despite some ratings issues, it remains a popular show.