‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Voices Support for Girlfriend’s Bid for Political Office

by Megan Molseed

American Pickers creator and star Mike Wolfe may know pretty much anything there is to know about many collectibles, antiques, and unique finds. However, the TV star’s girlfriend, Leticia Cline is developing a different interest…politics. Recently, the Maxim model and Kentucky native announced her bid for office. And, boyfriend Mike Wolfe is in full support of this move.

Leticia Cline Makes Tosses Her Hat in the Ring, Running For Mayor in Her Kentucky Hometown

Recently, Leticia Cline shared a pic on her Instagram page noting her latest endeavor into the world of politics. The Insta post features the model as she smiles on the front step of the Warren County Courthouse in Kentucky. In her message, the girlfriend of American Pickers host, Mike Wolfe notes that she recently “filed to run for Mayor of my hometown, Cave City, KY.”

And, she adds, this is an endeavor she takes very seriously noting that her bid for office is inspired by many people in her life. “I’m running for people like my father who had to work until he died with no retirement,” Leticia Cline says in the recent Instagram post.

“I’m running for women like my mother,” the model adds. “who raised two little girls, often times sacrificing her lunch so we can have ours.” Cline goes on to mention multiple other people in the community that have inspired Cline’s decision to run for office.

From her friend who “does everything they tell you that you’re (supposed) to do,” Cline notes. “Work, buy a house, pay your taxes but still doesn’t have enough money to ever take a vacation,” to the “kids that ride their bicycles and play basketball in our streets,” the mayoral candidate says. “So I can keep them safe and build them more places (to) play.”

Cline Has Always ‘Believed’ in Her Kentucky Hometown

Cline finishes her post by noting that she has always “believed in her hometown.” Mentioning her roots in the Kentucky town. Roots that are “generations deep,” Cline says. A quality that Mike Wolfe no doubt cherishes as well. The American Pickers creator was born and raised in a small Iowa town.

“In my life I have taken great risks because you can fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love,” Cline writes in her message.

“I truly love working hard to make this city better,” Cline says. “And I know, without a doubt that I can with your support.”

In response to Cline’s post, Wolfe showed his support in two simple words. He wrote, “So proud.”

American Picker’s Star Mike Wolfe Supports Girlfriend Leticia Cline’s Bid For Mayor

Mike Wolfe and Leticia Cline began dating in the summer of 2021, not long after Wolfe’s 2020 divorce from wife Jodi Faeth. Since the couple’s relationship became public, the pair has remained quiet on social media. However, they are quick to offer their support to one another in various endeavors.

So, there is little doubt that the American Pickers star is in full support of Cline’s bid for office. Who knows, maybe he’ll be passing out yard signs for Leticia’s campaign while he’s touring the area for valuable finds!