‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend Leticia Cline Teases Upcoming Reality Show

by Alex Falls

Fans of American Pickers have endured a tremendous amount of turmoil in recent times. Between the acrimonious exit of Frank Fritz and his subsequent stroke that led to his current hospitalization, viewers have barely been able to keep up with all of the drama.

However, not everything is gloomy in the world of American Pickers. Mike Wolfe and his girlfriend Leticia Cline continue to carry on with their passions in the world of antiques and tourism. Recently, she shared a special look at an upcoming project that documents her journey across America’s small towns.

“A few years back a production company thought enough of my story to come and film me riding around my hometown and a few others close by that I love spending time in,” Cline wrote in her sizzle reel post. “I was really excited about the project and still am but I get excited about a lot of things… However, new interest in this project from a network has me thinking that while I’m working on building up my hometown, I can use my platform to accelerate that!”

Cline hyped up her upcoming show in the video with the kind of passion you’d expect from someone dating Mike Wolfe. She concluded the post by writing, “Plus this is my favorite project with babe @mikewolfeamericanpicker.” The picker himself replied in the post with his own appreciation for the upcoming project, “One of my favorite things we have worked on together. Forever proud.”

Cline Looks Back on a World Well Travelled

In the video, Cline reminisced about growing up in her own small town. Cave City, Kentucky drew a lot of tourism for its cave systems, and her town relied on that business. Now she’s drawn to the roadside attractions as an adult and focuses her life on exploring them on her motorcycle.

“I started riding a motorcycle when I was four years old. I’ve got the best job in the world,” Cline said. “I get to travel and write about it for different travel magazines or my blog. Worked with tourism boards. I get to basically get paid to discover what’s out there. There’s not a place that I visited that didn’t have a story we’re telling. From Maine to Oregon coast to coast 40,000 miles a year on my bike. That’s been my education.”

She hopes her new project will encourage people to step outside the usual recommendations they find online and instead push them into back roads where hidden adventures await.

“We all feel the need to explore. But the problem is that we’re programmed to want to take someone else’s trip with apps like Yelp and TripAdvisor,” Cline said. “That’s not what I want. That’s not what I want to get on my bike. Hit the back roads up front, in your face the way people used to do it. Travel. We travel for different reasons. We’re all kind of looking for the same thing. Come ride with me and be a forever tourist.”