‘American Pickers’ Star Robbie Wolfe Reveals One of His Favorite Picks

by Sean Griffin

Robbie Wolfe, new host of American Pickers along with brother Mike Wolfe, recently posted on his Instagram page. In the post, he shared one of his favorite items he’s ever picked and the history behind it.

“Sharing the history behind one of my favorite picks,” he wrote in the caption to the photo.

In the video, Wolfe explains the history behind one of his favorite items in the shop: a jukebox.

“Hey, one of my favorite pieces in the shop is this jukebox a friend of mine John Fields sold me,” Wolfe tells viewers at the beginning of the video. “And he told me about an 88 year old lady that does decoupage. Well when John was a kid, this was called The Whispering Pines.” As he says this, Wolfe points to a collage of pictures from a lively juke joint.

The American Pickers star continued. He said, “This gentleman (pointing to a man in one of the pictures) owned it down in Mississippi. And it was a blues joint—I want to say a “juke” joint is what they called them back then.”

Mike Wolfe Explains Favorite ‘American Pickers’ Find

“An 88 year old lady made this decoupage piece and on the outside are the sheets that actually go together…And she put this all together for me. It was probably one of the biggest juke joints in Mississippi, The Whispering Pines. One of my favorites.”

Wolfe points to a picture of the owner of the establishment again. “He’s standing out front, he’s got his gun in his hand. He’s shooting away. But this jukebox came out of there, and this is going to be dedicated to the blues music of Mississippi. This is it right here. I love that kind of stuff.”

However, this isn’t the first time the star shared pictures of great picks to Instagram. Earlier this month, the star talked about a corn sign he found in southern Illinois.

“I was in Southern Illinois when I find the most unbelievable corn sign that I have ever seen. Which was a stalk of corn basically. [It] said 1940 the corn husking championships of the whole United States. And it said it was held in Scott County. I find a million signs, but I don’t find a sign like this. I have to buy it.”

Robbie Wolfe joined his brother Mike as host for Season 23. Before that season, though, American Pickers fans knew Robbie. According to his IMDb page, Robbie appeared on the show nearly one hundred times before Season 23.

Back in July 2021, The History Channel announced Frank Fritz’s departure from the show.