‘American Pickers’: Was This Negotiation for a 1939 Ford Pickup Truck the Most Intense We’ve Seen on the Show?

by Taylor Cunningham

In one season 17 installment of American Pickers, Robbie Wolfe fell in love with a rusty 1939 Ford pickup truck that he couldn’t live without.

This particular episode titled Hello Jell-0 featured Mike’s brother Robbie long before he became a permanent staple on the series. While perusing the backroads of Vermont one day, he and Danielle Colby stop to meet a homeowner named Gary to check out his impressive antique car collection. And Robbie almost immediately sets his heart on the classic pickup truck.

As Danielle shares with the camera, the truck is completely “untouched” and in its “pure vintage state,” which is exactly what they want in a vehicle.

But despite Robbie’s infatuation with the antique ride, the owner makes it clear that he doesn’t want to part with it.

“I’d hate to sell it,” he admits, proving a deal won’t come easy.

However, Robbie can be just as determined and hard-headed as Mike. The traits run in the family and serve it well for the picking business, so he ignores the owner’s words and begins throwing out numbers.

The two have an impressive negotiation battle that starts at $4,000 and ends at $5,500, only $500 shy of what Gary originally wanted. But once the two strike the deal, the seller reveals that he doesn’t have the title to the 1939 Ford Pickup Truck, so the American Pickers host heads back to the bargaining stage.

‘American Pickers’ Heads Back to the Bargaining Table

Danielle lays out the process of dealing with a lost title for the camera. According to her, it takes endless calls, locating bills of sale, and essentially proving that the vehicle isn’t stolen.

“It’s not a deal-breaker,” she shares. “But it’s a massive headache.”

Despite the missing title, the owner refuses to budge on the price, though. Robbie Wolfe either needs to fork over $5,500 or “no sale.”

Danielle tries persuading her counterpart to go “check out the other barns” and think through his decision before being impulsive. As we all know, it’s probably her who would have to deal with the missing title. But Robbie says he wants to stay “in the moment.” And after gushing over the truck’s original paint job and flawless grill, he decides to go for it.

“I’ll tell you what, Gary. I’m gonna take it for $5,500,” he says as Gary cheers. “I think we can do something with this.”

Robbie Wolfe then goes into the details of restoring the old-school truck. To ship it back to Mike’s shop, it’ll cost $1,000. And the repairs should only cost about $3,500, which means that the American Pickers team will put an even $10k into the 1939 Ford pickup.

Since the beauty is valued at around $13,000, they stand to pocket a few thousand from the deal. But to Robbie, the experience and restoration process seems to be worth more than the money.