‘American Pickers’: Watch Mike Wolfe Discover a Trove of Vintage Baseball Cards in Preview of New Episode

by Megan Molseed

In a new episode of American Pickers, the show’s creator and star Mike Wolfe joins his crew as they tour a Kansas property that is nicknamed “the black hole.” It’s a place, the owner says, where stuff comes in, but “never comes out.”

There is a little bit of everything on this property. And, this means there’s also something for everyone, really. However, this particular TV episode uncovers something mind-blowing for vintage baseball card lovers…a collection of baseball cards that would excite almost any collector.

“Mike uncovers a mind-blowing collection of vintage baseball cards in Kansas during Saturday’s brand new episode of #AmericanPickers,” notes a Tuesday morning tweet.

The American Pickers Find Some Exciting Vintage Finds During Their Kansas Visit

In a recent Twitter post teasing the episode, the American Pickers crew step into the “black hole” searching this property for some awesome finds. The owner of the property knows well that the Pickers will find some impressive items while there, the Twitter clip tells us. After all, the owner of the Kansas property, there’s a reason he purchased each one of the items in the first place!

As the clip begins, the American Pickers head into an area the property owner calls his motorcycle shop. As they enter the shop, the owner’s voice-over notes that he doesn’t sell his collections. This, he notes, is because when he gets the items, he likes them. And, he wants to “keep them.”

As the clip continues, the Pickers notice a Mercedes on a lift…as well as other items tucked away in the corners.

“Are any of the cars for sale?” the Pickers ask in the teaser. A question to which the property owner offers the simple answer of “no.”

“Well, what about the signs?” they ask…adding that they are also interested in the other non-signage displays.

“I love that display up there,” one of the Pickers says, referring to a display of vintage car lights. “Yeah, yeah,” the property owner responds. “I love it too!” It will be exciting to see if the American Pickers actually walk away with any good picks when this episode airs on Saturday, August 20.

Mike Wolfe Shares Stunning Vintage Find

Recently, American Pickers star Mike Wolfe shared with his Twitter fans a series of stunning photos featuring a recently resorted vintage vehicle. The auto, which is a vintage Chevy Impala, looks even better in Wolfe’s pics as it sits in front of a golden Iowa sunset.

“Golden Hour,” the History Channel star writes in the post’s caption. “@ontwolanes outside of Leclaire Iowa #34ford.”