‘American Pickers’: Why This KISS Poster Left Frank Fritz Absolutely Stunned

by Emily Morgan

There’s no doubt that during Frank Frtiz’s time on “American Pickers,” he saw plenty of picks that made his jaw drop. However, there was one piece of music memorabilia that he’ll never forget, despite no longer being on the show.

When it comes to finding unique pieces, music relics will always sell. People will consistently shell out top dollar for a part of music history, from old ticket stubs to band tees to guitars. So when a KISS poster caught Fritz’s eye, he knew he had to take a closer look.

As fans will recall, current “American Picker” star Mike Wolfe is anything but shy when it comes to being a fan of The White Stripes. Similarly, when Fritz was on the show, he opened up about being an outspoken fan of the ’80s hair metal band known as KISS.

The iconic four-person rock band, known for their elaborate costumes and black-and-white face paint, is one of Fritz’s favorite bands. As a result, when Fritz found a rare piece of history from the band in one episode of “American Pickers,” he couldn’t help but pine over the item.

During an episode from Season 17, titled “Tunnels and Treasures,” Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz make the trek down south to Tennessee, where they visit the home of the eclectic collector named Arnie.

Upon arrival, the two “Pickers” were instantly stunned when they looked at Arnie’s collection of antiques. At first, it isn’t his KISS memorabilia that catches their eye, but instead, it’s his enormous collection of classic football helmets. However, we find out that this is just a tiny piece of his massive stockpile.

Frank Fritz hits KISS jackpot on ‘American Pickers’

As it turns out, the collector’s home is an intricate labyrinth consisting of three interconnected houses full of various items with unique histories.

From sports to superheroes to music, he’s got it all. However, it isn’t until the pickers reach house number three that Fritz finally locates the classic rock poster of his dreams. As a result, Fritz became the proud owner of the coveted poster.

Also, in one of Arnie’s many rooms is yet another piece from KISS’ past. This time, a rare painting hung on the wall, something Fritz had never laid his eyes on before. So when Arnie told Fritz the painting could be his for just a measly $200, he jumped on the chance. But, at a moment’s notice, the two shake hands, and Fritz pulls the piece off the wall.

However, this wasn’t the first time Fritz got lucky with an exciting KISS find. In 2016, the “American Picker” had to pick his jaw off the floor when he located a Paul Stanley standee on the show. Stanley was the co-founder, frontman, guitarist, and co-lead vocalist of the band.