LOOK: ‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Posts Rare Photo of Daughter

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

For American Pickers star Mike Wolfe, it was a banner Sunday as he got to share a photo of his daughter Charlie with the world. He keeps his private life pretty much off the radar. Of course, people see him “picking” through antiques and collectibles. When it comes to photos of his daughter, though, he’s not plastering them all over the Internet. This photo shows Charlie sitting with a cat in her lap. She’s looking away from the camera and out the screen door. From the looks of it, Charlie appears to be quite comfortable at this moment. Wolfe decides to take this photo and share it with us on his Instagram account. Let’s see what he’s saying about her, the cat, and the photo itself thanks to the caption.

Those people commenting on the photo were quite wonderful with their own words. One fan wrote, “Sure God is good, he made you! You’ve touched many hearts and lives and it’s always worth the effort. Keep it shining!” Another fan decided to take the moment and wish Wolfe a happy birthday. And this person said, “Look how much she’s grown!” In the past, Wolfe has shared photos of a younger Charlie with the world. One of those photos which were not from Wolfe specifically shows him and a younger Charlie touring the Country Music Hall of Fame and looking at some incredible albums.

‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Offered Another Look At His Daughter

In some photos, Charlie is in her father’s arms looking on as he points out different artists. In another photo, she’s on her own two feet as she walks past the honors. It appears that she’s looking and admiring so much of what she’s taking in at the moment. The Country Music Hall of Fame is definitely one place to get lost while checking out the legends of country music.

While we said that Mike keeps his family pretty much out of the public eye, there was another photo of Charlie from back in August. This one has the young girl sitting in one of her father’s cars. She has a hat on and she’s looking down, sort of in the direction of the driver’s seat. Wolfe wrote in the caption that one of his favorite things to do is drive around listening to the radio. And doing it with “his love” as he called Charlie in the caption area. It’s cool to see that there’s so much love between father and daughter taking place.

American Pickers keeps on rolling along as part of the History Channel programming. Mike hosts the show with his brother Robbie Wolfe and also Danielle Colby.