LOOK: ‘American Pickers’ Star Robbie Wolfe Shows Off Latest Retro Find

by Joe Rutland

Robbie Wolfe, who is the brother of American Pickers star Mike Wolfe, is showing off his latest retro find and it looks pretty cool. This takes people back to the old days when Texaco gas stations would have something like this. You could look up and see this towering figure. Maybe they were on the ground and simply welcomed you and your car for a fill-up. It was quite a sight then and it remains one now. Finding one of these things after all these years must have made Robbie feel like he won the lottery. Well, maybe not the literal lottery but it’s an epic find. Take a look and see what he wrote in the caption here, too.

What were some of the fans saying in the comments? One wrote, “Very cool! Can’t wait to see it!” Another one said, “That’s so rad!!!” This one wrote, “Always trust your car to the man that wears the star!” That comment is a reference to the commercial jingle for Texaco. We would give that fan kudos for having good memories about stuff like that.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Are Concerned About Mike Wolfe

Yet it is a find like this that Robbie and Mike get that can lead to those types of thoughts. There are a lot of items that do bring about memories of old-school advertisements. There was a time when jingles were a big thing. You could hear them when watching what are now classic TV shows. In fact, let’s bring Texaco into the picture a little bit more.

It was one of television’s first sponsors when it was on every week for the Texaco Star Theater variety show. Milton Berle would be the star of the show. That show played a part in seeing millions of people go and get their first television sets. So, Texaco had a hand in your grandfather or grandmother possibly getting their first set at home. And yes, they were only black-and-white sets back in those days. American Pickers brings up a lot of different items for people to look at each week.

Meanwhile, what is happening in Mike’s world lately? Some American Pickers fans are concerned after seeing Wolfe in a recent photo. He does not look like the clean-dressed guy people have come to know and love over the years. In a recent photo, Mike is wearing what looks like sunglasses and wearing a T-shirt. One fan wrote, “Gosh he looks so different don’t know if I like it.” This one said, “Is Mike having a crisis?” Another fan would say, “Stunning pic. I like your hat Mike!!!” Well, these fans look like they will be watching the show even closer this season.