Mike Wolfe’s Antique Store Dinged with Complaint After ‘American Pickers’ Hits Low Ratings Drop

by Chris Piner

Once a hit show for the History Channel, American Pickers was a great trip into the past as its hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz discovered lost items there were more than valuable, they were a piece of history. But since the firing of Fritz, leaving Mike Wolfe to host himself, fans have voiced this frustration with the direction of the show and how much they miss Frank. While both hosts appeared to be great friends on TV, Fritz admitted that since his departure, he hasn’t heard a word from Wolfe. Although Fritz and Wolfe aren’t talking, it appears American Pickers has another disgruntled fan. This time, it’s the Better Business Bureau. 

Besides hosting American Pickers, Mike Wolfe owns a string of Antique Archeology stores around the United States. There is one in Tennessee and another in Iowa. According to a complaint made to the Better Business Bureau, “I made an online purchase from this company and they accepted payment. Then they sent me a refund saying that someone else had bought it before me. I suspect they accepted a higher offer. And they provided no proof to the contrary. I just want them to honor the purchase like they originally did.”

Lackluster Reviews For Mike Wolfe’s Antique Archeology

A representative for Antique Archeology suggested the entire ordeal was a mistake as two parties put the same item in their shopping cart around the same time. “On 1/21/2022, two orders were placed for a****** Imala Movie Prop on our online site. Transaction****** connected to Order Number ***** was placed by a customer in Ohio at 12:27pm for $1406.00.” They added, “The reply was that both customers put the item in their cart at the same time, however, they did not check out at the same time. We have a custom website and are working diligently to correct the flaw of having customers being able to add and check out single quantity items at the same time.”

Other than a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, Mike Wolfe’s Nashville location has been subject to numerous lackluster reviews. “It was so nice to visit the store we’ve heard about so many years from watching American Pickers. Surprised that the store wasn’t a lot larger.”

Antique Store Referred To As A Gift Shop For TV Junkies

Another visitor noted, “The contents of the shop itself were a bit touristy too much for my taste. The selection of antiquities that were for sale were large pieces and not normal antiques that you would find in an average antique shop.” 

As for their second location, it seems the reviews were much of the same, with one person claiming it was a gift shop for American Pickers, Mike Wolfe, and TV junkies. “It’s little more than a gift shop for reality TV junkies. Wish I hadn’t wasted my time. So if you still watch this show and just have to see the ‘store’ or want an overpriced t-shirt then you should enjoy it.”