WATCH: ‘American Pickers’ Previews New Episode Featuring ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Car

by Joe Rutland

Watching American Pickers is always fun to do as you never really know what Mike Wolfe and his crew will be getting into on the show. Well, we do have a little bit of a teaser from the show’s Instagram account. We get a chance to see Mike along with Danielle Colby as they check out a Forcasta. You will have to check out the clip and see what we are talking about here. Then, Robbie Wolfe and Jersey Jon Szalay are looking through some items that are part of a workshop. All told, this looks like a whale of an episode to watch on Saturday night on the History Channel. Let’s take a look at this clip and see what is happening.

There you go. Some fans of American Pickers were having fun in the comments section, too. One wrote, “The bubble top El Camino is featured in my May 1963 issue of Car Craft! Owned by Tom Holden. Had 2 4bbl.s at that time.” Another one said, “Love vintage concept cars.” It looks like there will be some fans of classic cars tuning into the show.

Robbie Wolfe of ‘American Pickers’ Announced His Latest Project

That’s a good thing because the show could use as many fans as possible. As you know, some of the show’s ratings seem to be falling lately. The hosts are looking to shore up as much support as possible. Lately, there has been some fallout going down in the Pickers‘ world. Some longtime fans are really wanting Frank Fritz to come on back. They are tired of seeing the likes of Robbie and even Jersey Jon to a degree on there.

Some of these fans want the show to go back to the O.G. way it was presented in its early days. What was that like? Having Mike and Frank work together on their adventures. The back-and-forth between both men was fun to hear. Ye the show has gone on to remain a staple on the History Channel. Don’t look for Fritz to be a part of the show anytime soon. He is still recuperating from suffering a stroke. While fans might be up in arms around Mike’s friendship with him, it happened to be Wolfe himself who let the world know about his friend’s ailment.

Meanwhile, it appears that Robbie of American Pickers has a new project going down right now. He headed over to his own Instagram account to make the announcement. “Very excited about this project. Celebrating the history of downtown Davenport. More details coming soon, stay tuned!” he wrote in the caption area. This would be along with a video that Robbie shared of the Davenport, Iowa, railroad bridge.