‘America’s Got Talent’: 11-Year-Old Golden Buzzer Winner Reveals What She Would Do with Million-Dollar Prize

by Shelby Scott

Season 17 of America’s Got Talent kicked off in a memorable fashion. First, host Terry Crews awarded one musician the first Golden Buzzer of the year after an extremely emotional performance. Then, last week saw another contestant leave an equally strong impression on both AGT‘s fans and judges.

Taking to the stage with a powerful rendition of “Amazing Grace,” 11-year-old Madison Baez Taylor has tugged at viewers’ heartstrings. After her performance, she revealed the heartfelt thing she would do if she took home the show’s million-dollar prize.

According to Upworthy, the young singer’s admission caught the judges and the audience by surprise. When asked what she would do with the prize money, she answered, “I would help my dad with cancer research.”

Following her performance Baez Taylor revealed, “[My dad’s] had stage 4 colon cancer for the past nine years.”

As per the outlet, the America’s Got Talent contestant’s father later joined her on stage. Appearing in front of the judges, the little girl’s dad said she learned to sing by serenading him during his surgeries and chemo treatments.

In addressing the audience, he said of his daughter, “She’d sing to me and help me get better, and I’m doing very well.”

Simon Cowell Takes to ‘America’s Got Talent’ Stage in Unexpected Turn of Events

Given the way the 17th season of America’s Got Talent has taken off, this summer’s performers are bound to be some of the most unique we’ve ever seen. First, we met one of the most talented saxophonists the competitive reality show has ever seen. Then we met Madison Baez Taylor who blew the judges away with her powerful voice. In between, we met a dynamic singer who dedicated his entire performance to a special grade of cheese; he, miraculously, moved on to the next round.

However, during last week’s episode, we saw something I can pretty confidently say we’ve never seen before. Several performances into the episode, viewers met a dynamic group called Metaphysic. Comprised of Australian contestant Tom Graham and Belgian contestant Chris Ume, the two work together virtually, though they only met in person two days before the taping.

Essentially, the contestants told the judges they work together to create “hyper real content.” That said, I don’t think our judges, especially Simon Cowell, realized just how real until he saw his face reflected back at him.

After explaining their work, the duo reintroduced fans to former America’s Got Talent contestant Daniel Emmet, an opera singer who saw his way to the finals in season 13. Once the group’s crew members rolled a massive camera onto the stage, fans became shocked and delighted to see Emmet take on the appearance of Simon Cowell himself and launch into a rendition of the song, “You’re the Inspiration.”

Simon Cowell, while initially embarrassed, admitted his love for both the performance and for Daniel. Meanwhile, Cowell’s costar Howie Mandel asked Graham and Ume, “Don’t you love the fact that talent can be anything? And you guys are pure talent, to make us smile and to make us laugh. That’s what we want from whomever stands on that X.”