‘America’s Got Talent’ Act Metaphysic Blows the Judges Away With Deep Fake Opera Performance

by Suzanne Halliburton

America’s Got Talent got so high-brow Tuesday night. An act using deep fake technology turned two judges and the show’s host into a couple of tenors and a sopranist.

Did you see Metaphysic’s performance? They’re an international group that excels at creating artificial intelligence. And the pair adapted the sophisticated technology into an act good enough and certainly creative enough to make it in America’s Got Talent. Any act needs a hook to stand out from the hundreds of others who audition each year. Metaphysic defines hook.

Back in June, Metaphysic implemented deep fake technology to create a singing Simon Cowell performing a mushy love ballad. The AI group actually brought out former America’s Got Talent contestant Daniel Emmett to sing Chicago’s “You’re My Inspiration.” But there were also big screens, including one giant one above the stage, and cameras. That’s when they turned Emmett’s face into Cowell’s. So it looked like Cowell was singing the ballad, complete with facial expressions.

And during the fourth AGT semifinal, everyone wanted to know how Metaphysic would top the audition. Or would the pair be a one-hit wonder? Here’s the amazing performance. And yes, those were real opera singers performing the aria. You just think they’re the AGT host and two judges.

America’s Got Talent Judge Simon Cowell Called Act Best of the Series

After Tuesday’s performance, the best description was “wow.” They were three times as good because Tuesday’s act featured not only Cowell, but fellow judge Howie Mandell and show host Terry Crews singing a beloved classic from Puccinii’s Turando. If you could only hear one song, from one opera, it would be the aria “Nessun Dorma” from the final act of Turando. Think opera’s biggest names — Luciano Pavarotti or Andrea Bocelli. Now, after Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent, you’ll think the Three Tenors were Cowell, Crews and Mandell.

How’d everyone react to this AGT moment? The judges gave Metaphysic a standing ovation. So did the crowd. They all held up their cell phones and swayed to the aria’s swell of notes. The key will be how the America’s Got Talent fans voted. Only two acts from the 11 performers make it to next month’s finals. So far, AGT has picked six.

Mandel always stresses that acts need to blow the roof off the stage to get noticed. Metaphysic did that.

“That was incredible,” raved Crews, whose deep fake hit the highest notes. He then yelled “Simon, we’re a group.”

“In terms of talent, originality, this isn’t the best act of the night,” Cowell told MetaPhysic. “This is the best act of the series.”

Judge Heidi Klum kept repeating the same word. “It was epic, an epic moment. It’s just epic. Epic.” Sofia Vergara added, “I think it’s scary and I think it’s fascinating at the same time.”

Then Crews raved some more. “You just put up the greatest performance in AGT history. How are you going to top that?”

MetaPhysic has a big plan if the pair makes it through to the America’s Got Talent finals. They promised to do a deep fake of the greatest rock and roll icon of all time. (Elvis Presley? The Rolling Stones?). And, somehow, they’ll use Klum and Vergara. Stay tuned!