‘America’s Got Talent’ Performer Connor Johnson Unfazed After Simon Cowell Cuts Off His Audition

by Shelby Scott

America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell is absolutely notorious for being the show’s toughest judge to impress. Unsurprisingly then, when he interrupted one musician’s performance shortly after beginning during the show’s latest TV broadcast show, fans became irritated. Although, admittedly, they were not especially shocked. However, to the delight of the audience and the judges, the singer moved forward with his audition seamlessly. In fact, he even managed to impress Cowell after delivering a second song.

On Tuesday night, 23-year-old surfer and street performer Connor Johnson took to the stage with a guitar. He introduced himself and his mother, who he admitted was surprised to see her son audition for America’s Got Talent. After sharing a brief laugh with the judges, the singer launched into a rendition of Lewis Capaldi’s “Forever.”

As seen in the below clip, America’s Got Talent‘s live audience seemed pretty impressed with the song. So when Cowell interrupted Johnson, even telling him his performance felt “boring,” the judge’s criticism met with mass boos. However, Cowell, typically pretty fair, instead asked the contestant, “Do you have a second song?”

“I do,” he assured Cowell. Instead, he performed Disclosure’s “Latch.” Overall, Johnson definitely demonstrated vocal talent during the prior rendition. However, his performance of “Latch” brought the already-supportive crowd to its feet, drawing cheers from the audience.

Simon Cowell Offers Glowing Praise for ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant

In wrapping up his song, Johnson not only wowed the crowd; he also impressed all four of America’s Got Talent‘s judges. As they launched into their reviews Simon Cowell joked, “Do you have a third song?” However, he immediately assured the singer that he was kidding.

After sharing in on the joke, Sofia Vergara admitted, “Usually, when Simon asks, even though it’s annoying, when he asks for a second song, he’s right. This one was so much better and your voice is beautiful.”

Not only did Cowell then go on to compliment the singer’s performance, but he also commended Connor Johnson’s handling of the interruption.

“[G]ood for you when we stopped you, you just took a beat and then you really did deliver.” The AGT judge added, “So much better on the second song, so well done.”

Meanwhile, Heidi Klum teased Johnson, “You do have a beautiful voice but you’re also very easy on the eyes. I’m just like looking at all these gorgeous girls right here and they all have little hearts in their eyeballs.”

As per PopCulture, Connor Johnson did not take home the night’s golden buzzer, which instead went to singer-songwriter Lily Meola following an emotional performance. However, he did receive plenty of praise and was sent on to America’s Got Talent‘s next rounds.