America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Opens Up About Stigmas After Winning Over Simon Cowell

by Sean Griffin

Season 22 of America’s Got Talent has rocketed off to a hot start since premiering on May 31st. Simon Cowell recently got his mind blown by an act he initially called pointless. And the popular series creator and judge almost caught an axe to the head during this dangerous audition. Clearly, Simon’s had an eventful time in the first month of the new season!

Simon Cowell, creator of the series and current judge, has judged the series since Season 11. Cowell took over judge duties when radio personality Howard Stern left the show. Before delighting American audiences as an AGT judge, Simon Cowell created the X Factor and Got Talent franchises. However, Americans know him mostly for his time as a judge on the hit show American Idol. Cowell judged on American Idol from 2002-2010.

However, one of the more recent acts caught Simon Cowell by surprise. One act named Kristy Sellars performed a pole-dancing routine. During her audition, Simon leans back in his chair with an annoyed and concerned look. He told his fellow judges he considered pole-dancing “just pointless.” However, her routine was flawless and filled with storytelling techniques and impressive movements. After witnessing Sellars’ routine, he soon stood with the other judges in a standing ovation.

Listen to what Sellars had to say about the performance of a lifetime and helping to dismantle stigmas.

Simon Cowell and Judges Applaud Kristy Sellars

In an interview with TMZ, Kristy Sellars explains what her approval from Simon Cowell and the other judges means to her.

“As you can imagine, pole has a stigma attached to it,” the contestant said. “It has had for a long time, so I’m kind of used to that. And I love proving people wrong. I love kind of opening their eyes to different possibilities, because at the end of the day, it’s just a vertical piece of steel, so what you do with it is in your mind. So I didn’t even really register that his attitude was like that. I think I was so nervous, and Heidi was talking to me, and I was just very focused and in my frame of mind, because the act – if I miss one thing, if I’m one centimeter off to the side, it doesn’t work. So I was in my zone and I just wanted to do the best possible show that I could.”

Sellars speaks to a core commonality between all America’s Got Talent contestants—the desire to prove doubters wrong. She also speaks to the desire many variety acts have in opening viewers to new experiences and perspectives. Her unique act becoming a fan favorite shows why America’s Got Talent fans keep coming back summer after summer.