‘America’s Got Talent’ Creator Simon Cowell Teases Potential ‘X Factor’ Return

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

If you are interested in seeing The X Factor come back to TV, then you might be keen on hearing what Simon Cowell is up to now. It appears that the man behind America’s Got Talent has an itch to bring The X Factor back into the public eye. The show last appeared back in 2013 after running for three seasons. Cowell talked about his ideas or thoughts behind resurrecting this show.

“I like working with groups, and there aren’t that many groups at the moment, and we found some great groups on that show,” Cowell, 63, told Access Hollywood in an interview. “And it was like, yeah, I would do it just for that reason. I think about 24 hours ago, I came to a decision. Literally, I was thinking on my own, if I had a choice, I would do it (in the US). I was thinking about ‘Fifth Harmony,’ I was thinking about Camila (Cabello), and I was just thinking about how much fun we had,” Cowell said, the New York Post reports.

Simon Cowell Recalled When Camila Cabello Auditioned

Cabello, who is now 25 years old and is a coach on The Voice, succeeded on The X Factor after getting a little help from Simon Cowell. The situation popped up after she failed a solo audition. “She wasn’t really supposed to audition,” Cowell said. “I happened to go backstage and I saw her crying, asked her why she was crying, and she said, you know, it was too late for her to audition because she was a reserve.” But Cowell told Cabello, “Well, I’m one of the producers, you just got an audition.”

Cabello would go on to release a single, Havana, in 2018. As for Fifth Harmony, they placed third during the show’s second season in 2012. Work From Home gets put out by the all-woman group in 2016. It is a platinum-certified record. Others finding success on The X Factor included Harry Styles and One Direction, who finished in third place on the UK show in 2010. Styles also happens to audition alone in 2010 before he was eliminated. But, like Cabello, Styles happened to join a group in order to keep their dream alive.

“I remember his audition like it was yesterday,” Simon Cowell told Extra back in August. “He was very charming, he was very confident, he was very funny, and I liked him … You never forget those moments and, like I said, genuinely if we weren’t making people’s careers successful, I would never be making these shows today.” We will have to wait and see what is up the host’s sleeve when it comes to The X Factor. But he does have a record of success in the music business.