‘America’s Got Talent’ Cuts Reality Star With Bizarre Act Before Live Shows

by Shelby Scott

America’s Got Talent kicked off season 17’s auditions a little over two months ago. And, now, fans are amped about the upcoming live shows. However, before Wednesday night’s final auditions concluded, the competitive show’s judges cut reality TV star Marvin Achi of Big Brother 24 after the 28-year-old put on a ridiculously bizarre, and in a way underwhelming, act. Check it out.

Taking to the stage in a lab coat, skinny jeans, and sneakers, Achi introduced himself as a Houston, Texas resident. In speaking to the show’s judges, he said, “AGT is actually the first place that I’ve ever showed this experiment.”

The America’s Got Talent contestant, who also happens to be a real-life chemical engineer, launched into his performance after the judges’ brief welcome. Though, following a quick introduction within the act itself, Achi’s performance suddenly took a turn for the sexy.

Making a big show of “mixing chemicals,” Marvin Achi “accidentally” splashed some of the liquid on his lab coat. Suddenly, the quaint little tune in the background transitioned into dance music with an irresistible bass.

America’s Got Talent judge Sofia Vergara, whose reaction is hysterical, interrupted the reality TV star’s performance. In doing so, she begged Achi, “Please tell me that you’re really a chemical engineer,” which the 28-year-old confirmed.

He further shared with Simon Cowell, apprehensive about the act, “What I do right now, no one else in the world can do.” Achi explained that the “ab popping,” a new equivalent to peck popping I suppose, is a rare talent.

More than anything though, what made the performance all the more worth it was Terry Crews’ impromptu strip tease on America’s Got Talent‘s stage. Typically, Terry Crews provides commentary for viewers and support backstage for contestants. But on Wednesday night, the actor and TV personality joined in on the peck-popping act, putting on a show of his own.

Judge Sofia Vergara Misses Latest Episode of ‘America’s Got Talent’

Sofia Vergara had a hilarious review for Marvin Achi’s PG-13 act. However, interestingly, she wasn’t actually there at the end of the night to deliberate the acts that would remain on for the live shows. And while her appearance was brief, it was definitely noted.

Per this Outsider article, America’s Got Talent did not provide a reason for the beloved judge’s absence. However, Terry Crews did state that she was “unable” to be there at the time. Instead, he assured fans that Vergara sent in her notes.

Later, Crews posted a photo of himself, Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum to Twitter, captioning it, “#AGT deliberation time!”

Vergara then retweeted the post, writing “Miss u guys.”

Hopefully, when the next new episode of airs on Tuesday, August 9th, fans will be able to welcome Sofia Vergara back to the judges’ table.