‘America’s Got Talent’: Episode 5 Featured the Most Rejections of All This Season

by Leanne Stahulak

While not everyone can make it through the audition phase on “America’s Got Talent,” audiences were shocked by how many rejections the judges handed out in Episode 5.

According to TV Insider, the judges are really gunning for originality this season. It’s not enough to be a fantastic singer or dancer or musician. A good number of those acts actually got cut last night because they didn’t offer a huge “wow” factor. Judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel won’t settle for ordinary talent. Even when the audience disagrees with their decision, they stand by them.

Some of the axed acts from last night included a bike-obsessed comedian and a guy popping balloons to “1812 Overture.” The “America’s Got Talent” judges didn’t know how to feel about a heavy metal group called “Dremeka Choir” that growled their way through “O Fortuna” and “Toxic” by Britney Spears. While the choir earned an “X” from Klum, Cowell called them “fantastically creepy.” The group advanced with three yeses from everyone but Klum.

Despite all these rejections, though, a good number of acts impressed the judges as well. Magicians like Nicolas Ribs stunned everyone with his mixed medium magic tricks. He grabbed 3-D objects off a 2-D screen, growing increasingly more complicated as his act progressed.

Then there were comedians like Jordan Conley, who had Cowell “cracking up” and calling him “really talented.” Another comedian, who went by Mr. Pants, had everyone rolling on the floor with his pants-related puns and jokes. Unlike the bike comedian, these jokes didn’t fall flat but had Cowell, Mandel, and the other judges cackling.

Several other musical acts did impress the “America’s Got Talent” judges as well, such as Mia Morris and Merissa Beddows. But one singer truly blew everyone away and earned herself a Golden Buzzer.

Lily Meola Earns the LAst Golden Buzzer of This Season of ‘America’s Got Talent’

The 27-year-old singer caused everyone to tear up when she sang “Daydream,” her original song. Lily Meola shared a heartbreaking story ahead of time about how she wrote the song while “living” in her daydream. She had a record deal set up and almost started her music career. But then Meola’s mom got diagnosed with cancer, and Meola dropped everything to become her caretaker.

While Meola, unfortunately, lost her mother in 2020, she never gave up her daydream. So, the song’s meaning changed for her over the years. And last night, she shared its beautiful message with America.

Meola’s evocative and heart-wrenching performance moved all the judges. But especially Heidi Klum. While the others applauded Meola for her beautiful voice and story, Klum couldn’t speak. Instead, she shared her love for Meola’s act by giving her the ultimate gift: The Golden Buzzer.

Check out Meola’s gorgeous performance below.