‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’: Jonathan Goodwin’s Fiancée Had an Amazing Response After His Accident

by Shelby Scott

Six months ago, “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” contestant Jonathan Goodwin’s life was turned on its head. An ill-timed stunt resulted in the daredevil’s permanent paralysis. In the doctors’ race to save his life, his fiancée, Amanda Abbington, said he nearly died several times. That said, once the AGT escapologist was stable, he told Abbington she could leave him and end their relationship. However, love is strong. And now, Goodwin adjusts to life in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, the couple shared the details of their discussion regarding the performer’s injuries. They also spoke about the state of their relationship.

During an appearance on “Lorraine,” Goodwin, alongside his fiancée, Amanda Abbington, said he told the actress, “‘you have a get out of jail free card,’ if you want to walk away, then I completely understand.”

Overall, the sentiment is melancholy. However, that kind of life adjustment is surely difficult for any couple. So Goodwin’s admission reveals his genuine support and love for Amanda Abbington.

The “Sherlock” actress, however, had an incredibly, and extremely simple, response.

“She told me not to be so stupid,” the “America’s Got Talent” star revealed, “and that was that.”

Abbington said of their relationship now, amid Goodwin’s recovery, “We are closer and tighter than ever, and we just have this unspoken thing. Every day is a joy, it’s just fun, we have the best time.”

Jonathan Goodwin Reveals How He and His Fiancée Met Before ‘America’s Got Talent’

If you thought Amanda Abbington’s reaction to Jonathan Goodwin’s “get out of jail free card” was sweet, then wait until you hear how they met.

After detailing the quick exchange the couple shared following the “America’s Got Talent” star’s horrific accident, Jonathan Goodwin shared the peculiar of his first meeting with Amanda Abbington.

“We’d known each other for a while,” the former stuntman said, “but never met.”

He added, “We chatted on social media and what not. And eventually we swapped numbers and arranged to have a call.”

“That first call,” he admitted, “was seven hours.” But that was just the beginning. During the segment on “Lorraine,” Goodwin shared the latter half of their first meeting.

“Then Amanda was in Vienna working, so I flew to Vienna to meet her for the first time, after a month of chatting, and we were engaged within half an hour.”

When you know, I guess you know. But, when you’ve been in a situation as terrifying as Goodwin’s, then it makes sense you want to go about life without regrets.

In addition to their relationship, the AGT contestant shared more details about the near-deadly accident itself.

“The surgeon that did my spinal operation said that it was basically the worst he’d ever seen. So the prognosis is that unless there is some sort of amazing thing that happens, then this is me from here on out.”