‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’s Jonathan Goodwin Left Paralyzed After Stunt Gone Wrong on Show

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images for Faculty Productions)

Back in October of 2021, daredevil Jonathan Goodwin hung 70 feet above the Atlanta Motor Speedway, preparing for his daring feat on “America’s Got Talent: Extreme.” His stunt involved freeing himself and falling to an inflatable airbag, at which point two cars would crash into either side of him.

In a horrifying turn of events, both cars hit Jonathan, exploding on impact. He plummeted 30 feet to the earth, missed the airbag, and landed on his head. Though he was airlifted to the hospital, where the heroic medical staff saved his life, he’s now paralyzed and will likely remain so for the rest of his life, according to his fiancée.

The US Sun released a transcript of the terrifying 911 call following the incident. “We are at the Atlanta Motor Speedway at the America’s Got Talent filming location,” the caller said. “We had a man suspended from a cable with cars that were supposed to slam into each other. He didn’t drop in time and they slammed into him. He’s about a 40-year-old white male. He fell about 40 feet. He missed the airbag and landed on his head.”

Fiancée of ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Jonathan Goodwin Explains His Injuries

The fall caused shock and horror on The America’s Got Talent set, sending both the crew and Jonathan Goodwin’s fiancée, Amanda Abbington, into a panic. Sadly, Goodwin’s injuries are just as severe as those on the scene feared.

After the accident, Goodwin spent four months in the hospital recovering from life-threatening injuries. In an interview with the Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner podcast, Amanda Abbington detailed her future husband’s experience.

“He fell 30 feet and lost a kidney, broke both shoulder blades, shattered both legs,” Abbington said. “Third degree burns, broke his spine and severed his spinal cord and, nearly died.”

“And then on the operating table, he nearly died again. He’s paralyzed now,” Abbington continued. “He’s in a wheelchair. Unless there’s a kind of stem cell surgery or that thing that Elon Musk is designing with the little chip, he’ll be like that forever.”