‘America’s Got Talent’: Here’s Which Judge Says They Would Win the Competition

by Suzanne Halliburton

America’s Got Talent judge Sofia Vergara is known for her stunning beauty and is considered one of the sexiest people in Hollywood. But she’s got a side talent that she sometimes trots out.

And her other talent also comes in handy on AGT. In fact, Vergara claims that if she ever was a contestant on America’s Got Talent and not a judge, she’d win the championship and the $1 million prize.

What’s her talent? She’s a ventriloquist.

“Everybody knows that I would be a ventriloquist,” Vergara told Fox News Digital Tuesday night before the fourth semifinal of America’s Got Talent.

“I’m good at it… I’ve been doing it for many, many years. I did it for 11 years in ‘Modern Family’… I really know what I’m doing. (And) I would win, I would win ‘AGT.'”

Vergara isn’t kidding. Her ventriloquist puppet is named Mr. Grumpy. But we ask, could you ever be grumpy around Vergara. The first time she introduced the Modern Family audience to Mr. Grumpy was in season four in an episode called “Yard Sale.” To refresh your memory, Vergara played Gloria, the much-younger second wife to Jay. Gloria, her son Manny and Jay lived in a blended family, which made it perfect for the premiere of Modern Family. Jay’s daughter Claire, her husband, Phil, and their three kids also made up a family. Meanwhile, Jay’s son Mitchell, his husband, Cam, and their adopted daughter, Lily, were the third family on the show.

Before America’s Got Talent, Sofia Vergara starred on Modern Family. That’s when she showed off her ventriloquism skills. (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

America’s Got Talent Judge Showed off “Mr. Grumpy” in 4th Season of Modern Family

In the “Yard Sale” episode, Gloria brought out Mr. Grumpy for these classic lines:

“Holy maracas, I think I sat on the right lap,” Mr. Grumpy said. He also made other comments: “Look at all those white faces, I see we made it over the wall.” And, “I just came from the movies — a whole day’s pay to see ‘Basic Instinct,’ and basically it stinks.”

Plus, there was this joke: “I just met the girl of my dreams — she gave me the termites!”

Turns out, Mr. Grumpy looked and acted a lot like Gloria’s husband, Jay.

So getting back to America’s Got Talent. On Tuesday’s fourth semifinal, Vergara got a chance to judge a fellow ventriloquist/comedian, Jack Williams. His critiques from the AGT judges were mixed.

“Jack, you’re very good, hard to believe it’s new to you, you seem to be pretty slick,” said America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel. “I wasn’t blown away, but it was really good.”

Heidi Klum told Williams that she was happy he introduced two more voices, including a fellow AGT judge and former president Barack Obama. Vergara gave Williams the best compliment of all: “I thought you were great, loved it thought it was very challenging.”

If you’re curious, the America’s Got Talent judges have talked about their own talents. Back in June, Klum said she’d yodel while hula hooping if she ever performed on AGT. Simon Cowell hinted that he’d do a daredevil act. And Vergara stuck with ventriloquism. Mandell already is a popular stand-up comedian.

America’s Got Talent continues tonight with its results show.