‘America’s Got Talent’: How One Contestant Managed To Change Simon Cowell’s Mind on Live Show

by Megan Molseed

Sometimes it takes one well-timed “no” to push a person a little further, improving beyond a level even they had imagined. And, it is a situation just like this, notes America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell, that led to one contestant’s mind-blowing performance.

Recently, America’s Got Talent (AGT) contestant, a magician name Yu Hojin performed an impressive show for the AGT judges and audience. However, Yu Hojin’s biggest trick, it seems is inspiring one of the popular talent search TV series to not only change his mind but also admit that he was dead wrong after the initial audition, per NBC.

America’s Got Talent Magician Impresses The Crowds With Jaw-Dropping Tricks

AGT contestant, magician Yu Hojin impressed the show’s judges – and the audience – with a jaw-dropping magic trick. A move that has likely led to the first magician to head to the TV show’s 17th season finale. After the impressive trick, Yu Hojin quickly became a fan favorite.

The fan votes pushed the magician to one of the week’s top two acts. Sending him to the finale to compete for the $1 million prize. Here, Hojin will be joining some other impressive talents such as another fan (and judge) favorite the country music group Chapel Hart.

Simon Cowell Has a Change of Heart … And He’s Glad He Did!

Things weren’t looking so good for Yu Hojin when fans of the popular talent competition series began its 17th season a few weeks ago first met the magician in the seventh-round auditions. While Yu Hojin wowed some of the show’s judges with his captivating feather illusions. However, Simon Cowell wasn’t too impressed at first, voting “no” on Yu Hojin’s act.

However, the show’s executive producer changed his song about this contestant during the popular America’s Got Talent live shows as Yu Hojin debuts a mind-blowing act for the very first time. In fact, Cowell notes that he believes the initial rejection actually benefited Yu Hojin in the long run.

“I think I helped you,” Simon Cowell tells the magician in the recent episode.

“By me saying ‘no’ at the Auditions, I think it has pushed you to be a better magician,” the talent judge tells Yu Hojin.

“And I’m very happy to say,” Cowell continues, “on live television, I am officially an idiot.”

Yu Hojin Has Been Preparing For This Moment

It’s a rare moment when someone proves Simon Cowell wrong. Or, it’s a rare moment that someone convinces the AGT star to admit when he’s wrong. However, Yu Hojin says, this turn of events has only increased his resolve to find success on the series.

“I decided to come to America’s Got Talent when I was in the army the last three years,” Yu Hojin says of his act.

“So, I believe in myself,” the magician explains.

“[I said] ‘Hey, you can do it. So , let’s make it happen,’” Yu Hojin relates. “So I didn’t prepare only one Act, I prepared several things.”