‘America’s Got Talent’: Chapel Hart’s Turn in the Semifinals, Will They Hit Like Drake Milligan?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Country music sensation Chapel Hart will compete in the semifinals of America’s Got Talent this week. And it begs the question, can this girl group from Mississippi do as well as a young Texan did last week?

Drake Milligan sizzled on AGT last Tuesday, performing the original song “Kiss Goodbye All Night.” He became the first finalist to earn a spot in next month’s America’s Got Talent championship. Plus, his song spent several days atop the iTunes country chart. By Sunday, it still ranked No. 5.

But Chapel Hart brings even more momentum into the Tuesday semifinals than Milligan did. The group enchanted the audience last month during their audition. The trio (two sisters and their cousin) sang and danced to “You Can Have Him Jolene.” It was their answer to the Dolly Parton classic from 1973. And in the 2022 version, the woman kicks out her cheating husband straight back to the mistress. “Good luck keeping him at home,” they tell Jolene.

The AGT judges also fell in love with Chapel Hart. All four judges, plus America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews, already had given out their golden buzzer awards. But once they all heard Chapel Hart, the panel tweaked the rules. The five went all in on a collective golden buzzer, sending clouds of golden confetti to celebrate Chapel Hart.

And they also got a huge AGT bump, with their song premiering at No. 8 on the Billboard chart, cresting at No. 4. Their album zoomed to No. 1 on iTunes. Meanwhile, Dolly Parton gave them a shoutout. And so did another country music queen– Loretta Lynn. Even Henry Winkler, aka Fonzie from Happy Days, began hyping the group on social media.

Darius Rucker is collaborating with the group. And the Grand Ole Opry invited them to perform. We’re talking huge.

Four days after their America’s Got Talent audition aired, the women were back in their Mississippi hometown. And they received a police escort to the local fairgrounds for their concert.

Danica Hart, the lead singer, said: “It sounded like we were performing at a stadium, and the only thing that I could think was, ‘Mississippi loud and proud, baby!’ I was right where I needed to be after all of this. You know, after everything exploded.”

For each of the five semifinal rounds, America’s Got Talent will select two acts to go to the finals, Sept. 13-14. The judges also will pick one semifinalist act who didn’t make the top two of their round.

Count on Chapel Hart having some competition Tuesday night. Maddie Baez also is riding big momentum into the semifinals. She’s only 11. But her version of “Amazing Grace” blew everyone away. Judge Howie Mandell loved her so much he pushed the golden buzzer to send her to the next round.

Although she’s only 11, she has good experience. Maddie played a young Selena Quintanilla on the Netflix show “Selena, the Series.” She’s also sang on two other network shows  — Fox’s Game of Talents and Kids Say The Darndest Things.

Check out her America’s Got Talent audition: